What I Love – May the Force Be With Me as I Share 9 Star Wars Items I Want

So my obsession with Star Wars is now at a heightened peak again after seeing The Force Awakens.  I was looking for things to buy on Amazon and added 9 Star Wars items to my wish list.  I thought I’d share them with you all!  (if you happen to buy anything through these links, I might earn some $$ – so thank you!)

• Star Wars R2D2 Collectors Watch

• Rey and BB-8 Minimalist Original Poster Print Art


Darth Vader Earbuds  (Yes, please!  I think this is my favorite item on my wish list right now.)

• Henna Trooper Tattoo Art Racerback Graphic Tank Top

Lightsaber Skirt

No Show Socks

• R2-D2 Tote Bag with C3P0 Coin Purse

• I love you I know Mobius Necklace

• R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

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