Tattoo A Banana And Other Ways To Turn Anything and Everything Into Art

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One of the best perks of homeschooling is that you get to choose what you do to teach.  Amber LOVES art, and we encourage her to draw whenever she can.  She’s very talented and is looking into a career where she can use that skill, but this mom/teacher knows that for ‘art class’ we have to broaden our horizons to include more than just drawing.

So we are quite excited to be bringing ‘TATTOO A BANANA and Other Ways to Turn Anything and Everything into Art’ by PHIL HANSEN into our homeschool art class this year. 

If you’re ready to get creative, then this is a book for you.  PHIL HANSEN is a professional and commercial artist known for blurring the boundaries between art and everyday life.

We’ve only just begun our foray into creating some of these multi-media art projects – so far we’ve used Oreo Cookies (art you can eat gets my vote every time!) and scribbling <== YES scribbling CAN be art…I’ll show you in a bit.

With a few how-to’s and a lot of imagination, you’ll be entertained with the way you and your kids can create masterpieces to wow everyone else.  The instructions are easy enough for grade school children to follow so it’s a great addition to your homeschool classroom, or just to cure the summer boredom blues.

Here are a couple of the projects we made:

Butterflies from Oreos are as simple as….

And using different pressure with your pencil tip to create light, medium and dark scribbles in designated spots, gives you a picture worthy to be framed.

Once you’re done with the projects in Tattoo a Banana, you’ll be encouraged to create, reimagine, and make something out of (almost) nothing.

I am disclosing that Phil Hansen provided me with a product sample.  The opinions in this post are based on my own experiences and beliefs of this product, were not influenced by what I received and I was not asked nor expect me to positive a positive or negative review.

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