Taming Curly Hair on the Go

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This is a PSA for girls with curly hair, who have yet to take their vacation this summer!  While you may have regular sized hair care products for everyday use – what about for when you’re jet setting and don’t want to check luggage?

That’s when you want to take along the Ouidad Love Your Curls Starter Kit, which includes five award-winning products to embrace your curls!

You may have seen pictures of me with straight hair on my blog – yeah that’s my hair under the influence of a flat iron.  If I don’t use it, I have curls.  Since weather, water and toiletries differ where ever I travel, I usually bring my flat iron along, it helps with making sure my hair doesn’t give off “Sideshow Bob” vibes.

Thanks to the Ouidad travel kit I received, I can still pack light and tame my hair when I’m away from home.  I’m enamored with the Ouidad Climate Control Gel.  I so recommend this if you want a styling aid that works WITH the humidity to prevent frizzy hair.

I also really like the Deep Treatment Conditioner.  I know that the flat iron causes damage to the cuticle layer of my hair, so having a product that is effective in leaving my hair revived and allows me to control my unruly curls makes me happy.  I generally have more time when I’m on vacation to allow a treatment to work properly too, so this 12 minute conditioner isn’t cutting into morning routine time while using it when traveling.

In addition to the above products the Love Your Curls Starter Kit also includes Ouidad Clear & Gentle Shampoo and Balancing Rinse Conditioner, plus the Botanical Boost Spray Conditioner.  When I am rushed for time and can’t wash my hair in the morning, because we need to be somewhere I have been spraying the Botanical Boost in my hair and then running a detangling comb through it.  It helps tame those “frizzes” from sleeping and boosts the curl – since it doesn’t have oils or waxes in it, I don’t get that “goopy” product look to my hair either.

To learn more about styling your curls and products to help visit ouidad.com.

I received a sample of the Ouidad Love Your Curls Starter Kit to review and share my thought s about it.

2 thoughts on “Taming Curly Hair on the Go

  1. You should let your hair grow longer and embrace your curls. A bob curly hair style I think you'll love.

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