T-Mobile Free Tablet Data Let’s Me Connect With My Family Any Time Any Place

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Oh my goodness y’all, in exactly ONE week I’ll be dropping my baby off at college.  I still find it hard to believe that I won’t be able to hug her good night each evening or yell at her to take her headphones off so she can hear what I’m asking her each day 😉  Since I’ve had her home with me for the last six years, it will be an adjustment for sure.  I’m very thankful T-mobile 4G is going to make it easier on me.

Not long after we physically say good-bye, I’m going to be traveling.  I’m gone for two of the four weeks in September, and I thought I might go through withdrawal symptoms of not being able to connect with my family.  With Amber at university and my husband staying home, I’m going to be missing them both a lot.

When I travel alone I don’t like to be burdened down with a lot of things.  I don’t bring my laptop, but find my phone isn’t quite large enough to do a lot of the tasks I need it for.  E-mail, reading, taking notes – I’m 40 years old, after a while that small screen starts hurting my eyes.

A tablet is a perfect compromise to the laptop/phone issue.  It’s just the right size, larger than my phone, but smaller than my laptop.  It’s great to do all the things I need it to do while I’m on the go traveling.  Things like responding to e-mails, checking Facebook messages, reading books, plus texting and Skyping with my family.  As long as I have a wi-fi connection that is… and often I don’t.

While free wi-fi connections are becoming more common, it still surprises me how many public places don’t have them, or they are as slow as a dial up connection circa 1994.  When I’m away from home that long I need a reliable connection, at the very least, to be able to check my e-mail and get a hold of my family.  Between airports and hotels with subpar wi-fi connections there have been times when I’ve traveled when I can’t get a signal on my tablet or it constantly drops – and that is so frustrating.

T-Mobile #shop #TabletTrio

So I am very excited to tell you today that you can get FREE Data for Life with T-Mobile on the Trio AXS 7.85″ 4G Tablet available at Walmart!  Who doesn’t like free?  With college housing and two trips to pay for in September, you better believe I {heart} the word free!

Walmart T-Mobile #TabletTrio #shop

Okay let me clarify free, because I know you all are thinking NOTHING in life is free, but this actually is.

#TabletTrio #shop Free T-Mobile Data

200 mb of free data through T-Mobile’s 4G network is available every month for you to use on your Trio AXS tablet, for the life of the tablet!  At a price point of $179.00 it is an inexpensive tablet option for a larger screen than a smartphone that you can access mobile data with.  The box shows 3G but it connects to and uses the T-Mobile 4G Network.  It’s so easy to set up too.

Set Up 200mb T-Mobile Free Data #TabletTrio #shop

So far these are all the ways I’ve thought of that I can stay connected with my family any time any place with the #TabletTrio from Walmart:

* Google Voice, Hangouts or the built in app and SMS number T-Moible provides for messaging
* Sending e-mails
* Sharing files with each other through Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive
* Skype for video calls
* The preloaded Walmart app for shopping.  This is PERFECT for our family because I can order something anywhere I am for our daughter online and have it shipped to the Walmart closest to her college for free. E-mail her the pick up receipt and she can get it at her local Walmart!
* I can even use it as a phone with an app like Vonage.

Stay connected any time, any place #TabletTrio #shop

So now you can be guaranteed an internet connection anywhere you bring your tablet, whether you have a wi-fi connection or not.  200 mb is just perfect for occassional data usage, so if you connect with wi-fi most of the time, but want to be able to get online any time any place…then this is the tablet for you!  Of course 200 mb is not going to allow you to stream Netflix or Pandora for any length of time, but T-Mobile and Walmart offer tablet data plans for an affordable price beyond that 200 mb that you can purchase either as you go or on a monthly basis.  So whether you’re simply replying to an e-mail or you want your kids to be able to stream Minecraft videos as you make a cross country journey, there’s a T-Mobile tablet data plan for you!

I’m very impressed with Trio AXS tablet.  With a quad core processor and the T-Mobile 4G network it’s lightning fast when you’re using it online with mobile data.  I’ve been using it for a few days now and I could even leave my phone at home when I travel now if I want to!

What would you do with 200 mb/data per month for life?!

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