Switched-On Schoolhouse Series: Award Winning Software

I write the Switched-On Schoolhouse Series twice a month to share our family’s experience using this software based curriculum in our home.

I have been sharing my family’s experiences with the Switched-On Schoolhouse curriculum with you for the last eight months (I seriously can’t believe that we’ve completed eight months of school already!).  I’ve told you what we like about it, what tweaks our family has been able to implement to make our schooling go smoother, and why I think it makes a great curriculum for parents and students. 

I’m not alone in these opinions though, Switched-On Schoolhouse, was awarded 14 Practical Homeschooling Interactive Learning Awards in 2010. Based on votes received from readers of Practical Homeschooling Magazine, the 2010 i-Learn Awards™ recognized Switched-On Schoolhouse with an official seal of excellence in the following categories*:

1st Place: Bible, Physics, High School Curriculum

2nd Place: Biology, Pre-algebra, Chemistry, Elementary Curriculum, Middle School Curriculum

3rd Place: Algebra, History, Geometry, Elementary Science, Trigonometry & Pre-calculus

Honorable Mention: Geography


As a parent of a high school student, I’m even more confident now in the choice we made in using Switched-On Schoolhouse for a few of our courses.  There seem to be a lot of complete curriculum programs for the Elementary and Middle School years, but not so vast a selection for High School.

Many choices at that level are specialized in math, sciences or language arts, so if your child needs consistency between subjects they may not receive it that way.  Full curriculum covering core subjects from other companies at the High School level are often very expensive.

Switched-On Schoolhouse covers those concerns by selling a 5 course core curriculum for all High School Grades for $399.95 (Plus they often have discounts like the 12% one that is offered in my sidebar).  You receive Bible, History & Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science courses that are similar in their question/answer formats, so the student knows what’s expected of them across the board.  The price works out to about $80 per subject, which is a really good buy for High School curriculum.

The other thing that Switched-On Schoolhouse provides is plenty of electives for the High School student.  At last count they had 30!  In our state one needs to graduate with quite a few elective credits.  If you live in a small community without a lot of homeschooling support, this is an affordable way to get credits that you might have a difficult time doing with a co-op or textbooks.

If you’re interested in learning more on Switched-On Schoolhouse or would like a discount on a purchase of curriculum, click through on the button in my right hand sidebar, and you’ll be taken to the publishers site.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the products mentioned above for free for review purposes from Alpha and Omega Publishing. I was not required to write a positive review and this product may not have the same results for all people, please do additional research of your own when purchasing products mentioned in reviews. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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