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Common sense says that you choose your outfit and then your shoes to match.  But we think your outfit should showcase your shoe.  SUNS Shoes are a fun, casual addition to any footwear collection because they change colors in sunlight!

The trick to this is their proprietary color-changing fabric.  SUNS inspires creativity and eco-conscious living at the same time. By partnering with Trees for the Future, SUNS Shoes is committed to offsetting carbon emissions by planting 10 trees around the world for every purchase made.  Every pair of SUNS Shoes comes in recycled packaging with plant-based ink. A “thank you” note in every box is made of seed paper to encourage customers to plant and grow something on their own.

I don’t have the pattern-mixing thing all figured out, but I can admit I looked super cute with a blue and white floral sundress and my new SUNS ‘The Maddie Sneaker’, that went from nearly white to this fun print when I stepped outside.

suns shoes

suns shoes

suns shoes

SUNS Shoes launched on Kickstarter and people love the idea so much they have already exceeded their goal!  Of course every start up can use even more support so to pledge and pre-order, visit Kickstarter.  SUNS has three styles including lace-up and slip-on.  And you can rock an assortment of color because they are available in 19 color-changing designs. They are available in U.S. women’s sizes 4-11, including half-sizes.  For this project they also have hats!  Kickstarter supporters should receive their pledge fulfillment item(s) by May 2021.

If you want to support the cause AND get a pair of SUNS Shoes right now so you can wear them this summer, head over to Kickstarter to pledge, and then visit Suns Shoes where they have a few styles and colors available for purchase already.

Own it: The Maddie Sneaker, Project Tsehigh,, $60.

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