Summer Effortless Meals from Coca-Cola and Walmart

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When we have guests the last thing I want to do is cook.  I want to be able to spend as much time with our friends or family that I can and not be hiding out in the kitchen cooking or doing dishes.  When my parents and our best friends were here for Amber’s graduation I made it a point to try and have easy fuss free dinners scheduled for those 12 days.  Something that we could all enjoy but would be effortless for me.

effortless meals walmart coca-cola

Coca-Cola and Walmart have teamed up to make summer meals as easy as grab and go with their Effortless Meals deals.  There are a few of them to choose from including Take and Bake Pizza and a Coca-Cola product, Rotisserie Chicken, a side and a Coca-Cola product, or a Sub Sandwich, a bag of chips and a Coca-Cola product.

You all must have figured out by now that I spend a good amount of time at my neighborhood Walmart Supercenter.  So these meals were a perfect fit for us during that week and a half in May.  The day after my parents flew in I stopped and grabbed the Pizza meal with a 2 liter of Coke Zero, and I also grabbed a number of the sandwich, chips and 16 oz. Diet Coke drink combos for dinner the next night.

Then later in the week we stopped and got the Rotisserie Chicken meal, a potato salad side and another 2 liter of Coke Zero.  I actually picked up two chickens that day and kept the other one in the fridge, and we ate that one after the weekend with our other guests.  It made putting dinners together SO effortless to have picked up these combos at Walmart.

If you have a Walmart Supercenter near you, you’ll be able to find these Effortless Meal combos too.  Everything is conveniently located together so you don’t have to be running around the store to find all the fixings.

If you’re a My Coke Rewards member, there’s a bonus for you in this too!  Purchase Coke & Effortless Meals to unlock MCR Bonus Points. (UPC Code and MCR must be entered within the same session.  Limit 3 redemptions per Walmart meal, per member, per month.  While supplies last.)

We stock up on the Coke Zero and Sprite for the summer months too.  That way we always are ready for when guests come over whether it’s for a few days or just for a fun evening hanging out on the back deck.

Have you taken advantage of the Effortless Meal Combos featuring Coca-Cola and the Marketside options at Walmart?  Which one would you be most likely to pick up?   Would you get an Effortless Meal for a busy day?  A holiday?  A day where you just don’t want to be in the kitchen 😉 ?  Are you a My Coke Rewards Member?

25 thoughts on “Summer Effortless Meals from Coca-Cola and Walmart

  1. Yum I could go for one of their subs right about now! I love all the quick options they have for sure. My husband loves the Cherry Coke Zero!

  2. I seriously miss being able to just go to the store and buy an easy to prepare meal! The Kettle jalapeno chips are one of my favorite cheats 🙂

  3. I love the idea of the effortless meals. When visiting with families, we usually eat out a lot. But that gets really pricy.

  4. We often pick up the subs and pizzas from Walmart. They are so good and make a great meal!

  5. Um yes please! I have a Walmart a mile down from my office, and I run there ALL the time to pick up sandwiches or salads when I was too busy to pack my lunch or forgot. Its so much better then getting fast food!

  6. As someone who has been rushed before and needed to make a quick stop to Walmart for meals like these, I can attest these were wonderful. We made a huge meal of it one evening with the rotisserie chicken and it was amazing. I really appreciate their convenience.

  7. I love to cook healthy home made meals… most of the time. But there are days where I just poop out and don't want to deal so I LOVE grab and go options. Rotisserie chicken would be at the top of my list. I'll grab one of those with a bag of ready made salad and I am a happy girl 🙂

  8. Rotisserie chickens are a huge huge HUGE favorite around here! I can grab one and pair it with a fresh tossed salad and some pasta, or just some steamed veggies and we're good to go!

  9. ALL of those would be perfect deals for us, but we've been eating a lot of Rotisserie chicken lately so we'd probably grab that first. Man now I'm hungry- and thirsty!

  10. I love Walmarts Marketside meals. The subs and the rotisserie chicken and pizza is the best. I need to get some of these meals for an easy Summertime meals.

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