20 Oh My Yum! Frozen Desserts That are SO Fun!

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Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE ice cream.  Summer, Winter, makes no difference to me, if it’s frozen and tasty – I’ll eat it no matter the weather.  But here in North Texas where the Hot! Hot! Hot! starts in June – frozen desserts all summer long is where it’s at!

At any rate, I put together a collection of  20 Frozen Dessert Recipes on Foodie.com that I want to make.   Some of these I’ve already made & approve of and are right here on my blog.  Some are from other bloggers and some from mainstream websites.  Maybe you’ll find one you want to make for Father’s Day for your dad or husband!  Check them out and tell me which ones you’re most interested to try.


Check out Oh My Yum! Frozen Desserts that are SO fun!

by Tammy Litke at Foodie.com

17 thoughts on “20 Oh My Yum! Frozen Desserts That are SO Fun!

  1. The frozen desserts to make are great for the Summer time. I want to make a few of these. I like the Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake!! Yummy!

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