6 Struggles People Face This Year During the Holidays

The holidays are typically a time of joy for many, but this year, the holidays will look different due to the ongoing global pandemic.

struggles during the holidays

The CDC has released detailing the best practices people should take for the holidays. Whether you decide to follow them or not rests on you, and for some, the answers aren’t clear cut.

You may find yourself struggling to make some difficult decisions for the holidays. Here are six struggles you might face.

Do I visit relatives?

First and foremost, you may wonder if you should even visit your family during the holidays. Things can get pretty complicated if you want to visit a much older family member who is at risk for a serve illness.

Your best approach is to do what you feel will reduce the risk of a possible infection spread. If you have been in contact with someone who may have COVID-19 or you’ve contracted the virus yourself, by all means, stay home. If you do attend a gathering, see if you can hold an outdoor celebration.

Should I fly to visit relatives?

If you do decide to visit your family, you might wonder if it’s safe to fly to see them.

The odds are there will be many people still trying to fly for the holidays, which means airports will be crowded. They may not be crowded to the levels they’ve been in the past but expect to them busy.

If you do travel, practice good social distancing, and wear a mask. Wash your hands as often as you can or use hand sanitizer.

How do I say “no” to invitations?

You might find yourself in a situation where a family or friend has invited you to a gathering at their place, but you’re reluctant to go due to the ongoing pandemic. It might also be a gathering where there’s a bunch of people you know or are close to, which can make it harder to say you won’t go.

You have to do what you feel is best. isn’t the end of the world, and you may find that people are more accepting than you give them credit for.

How should I behave at a gathering?

If you’re attending a gathering, it can be easy to let your guard down. This can include being in close quarters with someone, sharing food, or having a few more drinks than normal. The problem is if you lower your inhibitions, you don’t make the best decisions. This becomes even more apparent if you are .

You should proceed with caution. Acknowledge the risks that come from gathering in a close quarter and do what you can to reduce them.

How do I explain the situation to the kids?

While it’s been a tough year for many of us, it’s been a real struggle trying to explain everything that’s been going on to the children.

Due to whatever circumstance, your family might have to break traditions like visiting grandparents or going to a parade. It can be difficult to explain to your children why you won’t be doing these activities.

Like many complications that have arisen due to the pandemic, you have to reason with your children and explain to them that you’re doing these things so people won’t get sick. Focus on staying positive and setting a good example for your children. 

How do I stay positive?

This year has been outright exhausting to the point that things feel like they can never get better. Staying positive, even under normal circumstances, is a challenge.

It’s during these times you have to focus on the good that’s in your life. Even if you have to really dig, you have to find something you are happy about. Find that happy thing and run with it. Let it be a focal point to get you through the holidays.

To end the year still having to endure a global pandemic isn’t fun. It’s been a pretty consistent factor for the whole year, and to still have to deal with it is draining, yet it’s something we still have to be mindful about.

We still need to consider the risks we might face depending on whatever decisions we make. It’s a struggle, but we should do what we feel is best to reduce the spread.

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