Star Wars Coloring Sheets – The Force Awakens

Every Christmas Eve my family goes to see a movie and this year we headed out to see Star Wars.  It was AH-MAZING!  (I’m sure you all anticipated that if you haven’t already seen it once or twice already 🙂 ).  If you haven’t seen it, make plans to go it really is fantastic.  That being said, I know today most of you are busy doing all that Christmas-y stuff.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Maybe you have kidlets at your home that are clamoring for food that isn’t ready yet, maybe they are waiting for batteries to be installed in their new toys or (gasp!) still have to wait to open gifts until the rest of the relatives show up.  In that case I have something for you!

If you click on this awesome movie poster below, you can download and/or print coloring and activity sheets to keep the kids occupied for a while and keep them from being underfoot as you put those finishing touches on the prime rib, ham, turkey.. whatever it is you’re cooking up for dinner.  You’re welcome.  Maybe print off some extra Star Wars coloring sheets for the adult men too….they may be more of a thorn in your side than the kids 😉

star wars coloring sheets

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