Stanley Home Products–Glass Cleaner Foaming Spray

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For 70 years, Stanley Home has been offering quality cleaning, home, and personal care products to North American homes and families. Stanley Home representatives are the heart of the company, helping sell great products at a great price, while enjoying the at-home business opportunities that come with being an independent Customer Representative.

Stanley Home is pleased to introduce you to their new Glass Cleaner Foaming Spray; featuring GrimeGuard™, this dual-action foam forms an effective barrier against dirt and spot build-up. The addition of powerful ammonia means that your cleaning is made easier, and your surfaces stay cleaner longer, with simple upkeep. No streaks, quick-drying, and easy-to-use!

The grimiest glass in our home without a doubt is our bathroom mirrors.  Between the battery toothbrushes, dental floss and Water-Pik…ugh they’re a mess!  I could be cleaning them every day (but I don’t).  The worst part is, the mirrors in our bathrooms are HUGE, and somehow my family manages to get their ‘spray’ on every corner.  I don’t even want to know how.

So last week I tackled those mirrors.  Goodness knows they needed a good deep cleaning. 

I really like that if you apply it properly (you have to get just the right distance away and apply it with a steady pressure on the nozzle) it doesn’t drip.  Score one for Stanley.

The product doesn’t have that ‘cleaning’ solution smell to it.  I used it in light ventilation and didn’t feel myself chocking on the fumes.  Score two for Stanley.

When using a clean very high count microfiber cloth to wipe the foam away…really clean mirrors…no streaks.  Score three for Stanley.

This is where I’m starting to get excited.  See the can says that I can use it on my chrome and ceramic tile too!  Goodbye hard water stains and dirty floors!  I know that this will be put to good use all around my home.

To learn more about Stanley Home Products and the Glass Cleaner Foaming Spray visit

I received samples of this product in order to facilitate a review for this post.

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