8 Unique Ice Cream Flavors

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When we went on vacation we stopped in this small wharf town in British Columbia, Steveson. An ice cream shop had just recently opened and we stopped in for a cone – I took a bunch of photos because I was really surprised at how many unique flavors I saw!

This one is so popular – it was already sold out!!

And just in case you have the urge to fly… you can add this to your ice cream!

With all those choices though, the kids stuck with…

Cotton Candy, LOL!

Have you ever seen any of these flavors before?  How about other unique ice cream flavors that you’ve come across?

3 thoughts on “8 Unique Ice Cream Flavors

  1. I love Green Tea ice cream, it is by far my FAVORITE. Those flavors though, oh gosh, how did they even come up with them. They should have a sampler for $2 or something. LOL


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