Stackable Appetizer Maker Giveaway

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The Stackable Appetizer Maker lets mom create her favorite layered appetizers in a matter of minutes!

This is a unique kitchen gadget made by Architec.  I had never heard of this product before I was asked to review it.  I was sent a Stackable Appetizer Maker to use in my kitchen and after watching the video (which you can see below), I was ready to try my hand at wowing my family with a fun treat.

I had a great time making some Hot Chocolate Brownie Bites with it!

To make them I baked up an 11″x7″ pan of brownies, and cooled them.  Then I cut the pan in thirds so I had three long strips.  I put a strip of brownies in the Stackable Appetizer maker and used the tamper to press them down.  Then I spread some marshmallow creme on top.  I placed another layer of brownies on top of the marshmallow creme and again used the tamper to press it down.  Then I spread some more marshmallow creme on that brownie layer and drizzled some caramel syrup on it, and ended with the top layer being the final brownie strip. I put them in the freezer for about 30 minutes since they were pretty ooey gooey, and then pulled them out and cut through the guide lines, and then lifted out the cut and carry base and put them on a plate.

Assembling the Hot Chocolate Brownie Bites took me less than 10 minutes.  Because the brownies were so moist, additionally I cut a piece of nonstick tin foil to place on top of them while I used the tamper to press down so that I wouldn’t have them stick to the tamper utensil.  That worked really well.

I wished I would have thought to take a picture of how completely messy the Stackable Appetizer Maker was when I was done, with marshmallow creme and caramel sauce flowing out the edges. It’s completely dishwasher safe, and I put it right in the dishwasher with no rinsing or anything, and it came out totally clean. 

At $19.99, The Stackable Appetizer Maker can assemble an unlimited number of recipes.

Check it out – you might find it’s a cool gift to give Mom for Mother’s Day or you may even want it for yourself!

Click HERE to visit the website!

One reader will win a Stackable Appetizer Maker of their own!

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