Spring Cleaning Our Bodies for Digestive System Balance

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Over the past year and a half our daughter had been having digestion issues which we tried to treat with Dr. Google.  When we couldn’t pin point the problem of her queasy stomach we did the good parental thing and took her to the doctor.  After some poking, prodding and testing it was concluded that she had issues with certain foods and stress, and her doctor thought she should do some diet changes as well as take probiotics to help her digestive system balance.

We want to stay focused on school work and not worried about tummy troubles.  #NaturalProbiotic #shop

We figured if she should take them, well so should my husband and I.  As a family we have been using probiotics off and on to try and maintain good health along with our exercise routines and trying to incorporate healthier meals and snacks. 

For the first time last week we started taking a natural probiotic, which I learned about through #CollectiveBias.  The Insync Probiotic has six natural probiotic strains in its formula, one of which is doctor recommended B. infantis.  Considering our daughter’s pre-existing gut health issues, it’s also nice to know that Insync Probiotic has a gradual release delivery system which protects the probiotics from stomach acid, so they stay alive to do what they’re supposed to do.

Natural Probiotic Insync #shop

I like that I can buy Insync Probiotic at Costco in a 90 caplet package.  For the three of us that’s about a month’s supply and we go monthly to Costco to stock up on our bulk items so it’s a perfect amount for us.  If you shop at Costco you’ll find Insync Probiotic in the health & beauty section of the warehouse with other probiotics and fiber supplements.

Insync Probiotic at Costco #NaturalProbiotic #shop

I had sort of been hoping that our first winter in Texas meant we could take leisurely strolls outside all winter long… not this past winter though!  The ice and chilly weather meant that exercising took place on our stationery bike or I sadly admit, not at all.

exercise and natural probiotic for a healthy routine #shop

Our winter kind of mimicked the squirrels that take up residence in our back yard trees… we packed on the food and cozied up in the house!  So I kind of feel like we have the chance now that the weather is warming up to ‘spring clean’ our bodies.

I had already started a healthier routine earlier this year that I shared with you, but let me recap:

I’m making sure I eat protein in the morning to fuel me until lunch.  It’s amazing how much better I feel and how much more energy I have when I make an effort to do that.  The mornings I don’t, I can tell.  I’m crabby and tired before lunch and just want to eat sugary and carb heavy foods.  And if I do that, well my stomach isn’t very happy with me!

Protein Breakfast Digestive System Balance #shop

I’m not drinking my calories.  I’ve been hydrating more with water and drinking my coffee black.  When I do have drinks like orange juice or iced coffee, I either dilute them with water, or I use natural sugar substitutes and sugar free creamers to keep them lower in fat and/or calories.

Natural Probiotic Insync #shop

Using my calendar and FitBit to hold me accountable to exercise each day.  I need a bit of work on this one.  I did well when we had a string of days with nice weather when I went walking each day.  But then it got cold and windy again, and even though I had my daily walk written in my calendar, I put it off the days I didn’t feel like using our stationery bike.

FitBit Exercise Digestive System Balance #shop

Much like the spring cleaning yard work that we’ve started doing that will achieve the balance in the soil for the grass to grow and flowers to bloom, I’m hoping that the spring cleaning steps we’ve already taken with our food choices, the still in progress exercise routine and taking a #NaturalProbiotic will help promote digestive system balance in our whole family.

What kinds of things do you do to keep your family healthy transitioning from winter into spring? 

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