Cabeau Travel Products

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Most frequent travelers have a list of items that they never leave home without. I always have a full charge on my iPad and a number of books to read, but really if I can, I take the chance to sleep on the plane.  So you can bet that a travel pillow is on the top of my list of things to take with me when I leave home.

I actually have quite a few travel pillows already—but I’m not adverse to trying a new one.  Especially if it’s named Airline Retail Conference’s Best Inflight Product.

I received a sample of Cabeau’s Air Evolution Neck pillow (msrp $19.99).  The interesting thing about this soft travel pillow is, that it’s inflatable.  Yep, just like the swim floaties your kids use in the pool 

Because of that this neck pillow rolls up into this small travel pouch.

The pillow itself is already fitted into the velour cover when you receive it and you just unzip the back and blow into the valve to inflate the pillow to your desired firmness. The cover is washable and I recommend that you wash it prior to first use, as I had a lot of lint come of off it when I tried it out.

The Air Evolution Neck pillow has some great features.  Because the rear of the pillow is flat, it won’t push your head forward when it comes in contact with a seat.

There’s a media pouch pocket on the side where you can slide in your phone or iPod.

The toggles on the front let you adjust it to your frame.  Which is great for tiny people like me, because often neck pillows are just too big and don’t sit right making them more uncomfortable and thus serving no purpose.  I did find it a bit warm, which for me is not a problem since I always find I get a draft on my neck on the plane.  However if you are the type of person who is warm naturally, you might find the cover a little like having a blanket wrapped around your neck.

With airlines becoming more and more stringent on what you can carry on in the cabin, the small pouch that the pillow rolls up is worth noting.

By the way: if you are someone whose head falls forward when sleeping, you can wear the Air Evolution Neck pillow backwards to solve that problem!

The other product Cabeau sent me to try out was their Midnight Magic Sleep Mask (msrp $19.99).  The problem with sleeping on a plane during the early morning or daylight hours is the light.  If you don’t have the window seat and the person sitting there likes the shade up, that makes it even more difficult.  I’ve actually never used a sleep mask before, so this was a neat thing to try. 

Again, like the neck pillow, the sleep mask is adjustable.  The strap is elastic free (Yeah for that. No more unsighly hair bumps, lines on your skin or soreness behind your ears from an elastic digging in!), and you can create a custom fit with the the band of velcro adhesive.  It even comes with memory foam earplugs and there is a small pocket to store them in right on the mask when not in use.  Its flexible and padded nose bridge allows it to fit to the shape of your nose as well.

I tested this mask the other night when I went to bed and it did not come up lacking at all. The windows in our bedroom face east, and the blinds we have let quite a bit of light into the room in the morning.  Seeing as I ended up sleeping past 10:30 AM, I can recommend these as a good light blocker, as even as I opened my eyes with the mask still on, a little bit of light was visible to me, but certainly not enough to have trouble sleeping (as was evident by my very late sleep in).  If I adjust the nose bridge to fit tighter, I could eliminate that residual light easily.  It didn’t slip off during the night either.  You can see by my picture too, that the coverage is tall and wide so it will fit a variety of face shape sizes.

Its coolest feature: the inner rounded eye liner, which won’t touch your eyelids.  It’s a little strange at first, I kept opening my eyes while wearing the mask because you expect that your eyelashes/lids should be touching something while wearing it.  The Midnight Magic Mask was comfortable to wear and did not irritate my head or face at all.

Ultimately, these two products create the perfect trifecta for sound sleep on a plane trip.  The  Air Evolution Pillow provides a comfortable head/neck position and the Midnight Magic Sleep Mask gives you blackout technology for your vision & reduces ambient noise with the ear plugs.

You can learn more about these products as well as other travel accessories on Cabeau’s website.  What’s on the top of your travel products list?

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