S’mores – An Independence Day Favorite

I didn’t take any pictures this year when we spent Independence Day partying with our friends, and I wished I would have. 

We always enjoy S’mores when we celebrate Independence Day, roasting the marshmallows, eating them at dusk, while waiting for the big fireworks spectacular.  And this year my friend bought these honking GIANT marshmallows to roast and make S’mores with. 

Those suckers were huge, the directions said to use a half a Hershey’s bar and one full graham cracker (on each side!) when making them.  Well my daughter’s best bud, roasted up the gigantic marshmallow for me, and I proceeded to assemble my S’more.  To say that it was the stickiest treat ever, is an understatement.  Yeah, we do things BIG here in America! LOL!

In any case the picture above is from last year’s 4th of July party, where I’m eating a much more modest sized S’more, made from the ingredients shown below.


How about you when do you like to eat S’mores?  Join in the fun and visit www.SmoresSmiles.com to see all the ways they can be enjoyed.

Disclosure of Material Connection: This feature is for a contest for a S’mores prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.

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