Dinosaurs Aren’t Extinct – At Least Not in the Toy Room

Going into the stores and seeing the school supplies all lined up and ready to go a good month before school even starts here was a bit of a surprise.  Every year summer seems to go by quicker and quicker.  Then at home when I was watching the news, I saw a feature on all the stores doing “Christmas in July” promotions.  Yikes!

I have always been one of those year round shoppers, who when I see a good deal picks it up.  That usually means that the latest, hottest toy on the market isn’t under the tree for those I have to buy for, rather they get classics that have proven themselves.

The little ones I still purchase gifts for don’t live close, and so I have the advantage of getting bargains on toys and games for them, as we exchange gifts when we see them, rather than on holidays.  A number of Playskool’s Kota and Pals friends struck me as good purchases (especially since they’re on sale right now, and with a $25 purchase get free super saver shipping) for my young nephews.


Do any of your children have these toys, and if they do what do you/they think of them?

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