SmoothMove Supplies Review and Giveaway

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By now you all MUST know that we are moving, LOL! And even though we haven’t sold our home yet, we have an official date of when we have to be down in Texas for my husband’s job. We still have a number of months to get ready for that while we wait for our home to sell, and so we aren’t completely overwhelmed once we do have an offer, we’ve already started packing.

So it was literally a windfall for us when SmoothMove Supplies sent us some boxes to help us pack up our stuff.  What you’ve got to love about these boxes is that they are an all-in-one solution.  You can quickly and easily assemble them, and they need no tape to seal them.  Add to that the nifty handles on the side for lifting, and you have an efficient way of moving or storing your things.

Both times we made our past moves, we actually had the moving company pack and box up our things.  The first time we got some relocation benefits from my husband’s employer and the second time we had such a quick closing date we just couldn’t do it in time on our own.  This time around, since we have the time and there’s no assistance from the company, we’re doing it ourselves.  Boxing up books, DVDs and office paraphanelia isn’t a big deal, but I was a bit worried about our more fragile and awkward items, including the art pieces we have on our walls.

SmoothMove Supplies came through for us, for when it comes to packing up our paintings as well.  They have speciality boxes for your large wall pictures and mirrors.  Now with a bit of bubble wrap or padding we’ll be able to securely transport them to our new home.

For more information on SmoothMove Supplies and how they can help you with your storage or moving needs you can connect with them on Facebook,TwitterPinterest and Google +. And of course also at their website.  If you’re looking to purchase items to help your move go smoother you can use the code EBC and receive 10% off & free shipping.  Also if you want another chance to win some prizes, make sure you go visit and like SmoothMove Supplies Facebook Page where they have a giveaway going on!  The current one ends March 31st, and as of today there are pretty good odds of winning!

SmoothMoves Supplies are giving one reader their favorite SmoothMoves item (except the moving kits)Simply complete the entry form below…Good Luck!


SmoothMove Supplies supplied these materials to me for review purposes. No compensation was provided.

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