Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Crew Socks

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I’m kind of a sock junkie.  In my drawers I have many different brands, styles and fibers.  I am aware though that there is a difference between a cheap pair of socks and a well made pair of socks, and the Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Crew Socks that I received for free to review from Appalachian Outdoors are definitely a well made pair of socks.

When one thinks ‘wool’ one might immediately think ‘itchy, scratchy, hot’ – but the PhD Outdoor Light Crew is none of those things.  These socks are made with 77% Merino Wool (or summer wool) and give an ultra light cushion to reduce shock and abrasions.  They are super versatile which makes them good for not just everyday wear but also for hiking, cycling and running. 

The socks have ‘WOW Technology’ – which means that they have a higher density SmartWool Duroyarn in the heel and metatarsal areas, that gives added protection and makes your socks last longer.  Add to that the ‘4-Degree Fit System’ which has 4 compression bands and flex zones that provide an all day comfortable fit – and you have the smartest (and perhaps the comfiest!) sock in the world.

I have tiny feet – I wear anywhere between a size 4 and size 6 shoe.  The socks are sized in a small, medium, large, and the small fits my feet nearly like the proverbial glass slipper.

The socks are washer and dryer friendly (they won’t shrink in the dryer no worries!) – and made in the USA <—hooray!

You can learn more about the Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Crew Socks and other products at Appalachian Outdoors.

disclosure; Blogtricity on behalf of Appalachian Outdoors contacted me and provided product for me to review, but the opinions/thoughts/ideas I’ve provided are strictly my own.

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