Square Shooters Game

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Square Shooters is a neat set of dice that is actually a complete deck of cards.

About Square Shooters:

• Includes nine dice that have a complete deck of 52 playing cards including two jokers.
The Patented Dice has all rank cards printed on a separate die – all straight flush cards are printed on a separate die SO dice rolls can achieve all common poker hands: 2 pair, 4-of-a-kind, straights, flushes, full houses, and all straight & royal flushes!
• You can use them to play variations of most card games!  The Feature Game is a fast & versatile game for all players.

I was able to try out this new game, and thought it was interesting.  We had a good time playing it.  It’s rated for ages 8 and up.  It’s much easier to play “poker” this way, since you don’t have a bunch of cards to hold, you’re simply rolling the dice. 

The game also includes an actual deck of playing cards that can be used for other versions of the game (instructions are provided in the game box).

We played originally with two people – and that’s not really very fun, because it goes very fast.  Playing with 4 or more would be ideal.  The game itself is pretty easy – you have a goal given from a ‘target card’ and then you get three chances to roll and achieve it.  If you get it – you receive chips.  There are eight rounds to the game and then you tally the points from each round and the person with the highest wins.

Because the game has both easy and difficult tasks it is a perfect game to play with everyone in the family.  Playing with young children?  Use the easy mode – adults; play the difficult mode.

I’m excite to try some of the other games that have been created for use with the set, as well as making some up of our own.

Square Shooters is available for purchase on Amazon.com for $19.99, at Walmart and other retailers.  This would make a great holiday gift idea for a family or those that enjoy playing games.  You can learn more on their website.

disclosure; Walsh PR on behalf of Square Shooters contacted me and provided product for me to review, but the opinions/thoughts/ideas I’ve provided are strictly my own.

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