Smart Savings, Even Across the Pond

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I get a lot of e-mails in my inbox for sales and savings. I’m not a deal blogger so I don’t share all of them with you, but every so often one catches my eye and before I delete it, I take a look to see what kind of coupon code or offer is being promoted.

Lately, a lot of them have been for London and the United Kingdom, with the Olympics I guess that kind of makes sense, but obviously those are deals that I really couldn’t take advantage of being way over here on the other side of the ocean and all.

I had some time the other day though, I was all caught up on posts and housework, I probably should have been doing some homeschool lesson planning, but I got caught up in looking at one of the UK sites,

Even though I grew up in Canada, which still retains a lot of the British heritage when it comes to language, I found it funny that I was being offered ASDA voucher codes. I know it’s the same thing as a coupon code or promo code, but it sounded so odd when I read it, because I always interpret the word ‘voucher’ as to mean in exchange for, so it would be like getting the item, free. I’d be all over that offer!

I had the most fun looking through the grocery section. Among other things they are selling the cutest Heroes Olympic London Bus Tin – which is a double decker bus with a Union Jack on top, filled with Cadbury chocolates. What a great souvenir of the 2012 Olympic games.

They also have a breakfast meal in a tin called “The Full Monty”. Imagine that! It’s baked beans in tomato sauce with large sausages, potato chunks, mushrooms, mini bacon steaks and a mini chopped and shaped beef and cereal cutlet. If any Brits are reading this, please explain to us all what a beef and cereal cutlet is…please.

And for all you sci-fi nerds out there (like our family!) – you can get Doctor Who Whole Wheat Pasta Shapes in Tomato Sauce. I’m totally ditching the Chef Boyardee for this!

I think I’m going to not be so hasty in deleting e-mails like that any more, because it was certainly fun to take a peek at what ‘the locals’ elsewhere get to save money on in their neck of the woods!

2 thoughts on “Smart Savings, Even Across the Pond

  1. I was thinking maybe the cereal cutlets are like rice cereal? Haha I don't know! I'm very interested in knowing though. I think it's definitely cool seeing these different products. It makes you stop and think how there's so many unique products in each country! That soup looks yummy to me!

  2. Speaking of London, I just got done watching horse jumping on the Olympics and one of their "hurdles" was a replica of a double decker bus. cute.

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