Simple Way to Organize and Store Playing Cards

Bar soap container boxes.  I remember having one to take to camp eons ago when I was younger.  I know people must still use bar soap since they sell it in every store 😉  But we only use liquid soap and body wash for the most part around here.

I had received a beauty package for a blog campaign I did last year and included in the products was a plastic bar soap container.  As I was cleaning up this week, I had also come across a picture on Pinterest where someone suggested storing playing cards in them.  Certainly more sturdy than the cardboard boxes most card games are sold in.

store playing cards in a bar soap container

Of course, I try and use my Silhouette Cameo whenever I get a chance, and using vinyl on the soap box was a perfect way to label it for the cards I planned to put in it.  It’s actually going to be a gift for my Mom for Mother’s Day.  They play the card game Rook every Friday night with friends and take their cards along when they travel, so I think she’ll really appreciate this unique way to store them.

To get the design, I Googled “Rook Playing Cards” in their image search and came up with a picture of the licensed card.  Then I saved it and opened it in the Silhouette software.  Traced it, deleted the extraneous items I didn’t want to cut, and then resized it to fit on the top of the soap container.

I offset the word “Rook” and cut the offset in white and then the word in blue and layered those two together.  The rook bird I ended up reverse weeding (where you put the entire design on transfer tape and then weed it out from the back, it helps so the pieces that need to stay in the design don’t come up while you are weeding).

This would make a really inexpensive and personal gift for those that enjoy playing games!  Buy a card game/dice game and then include the soap box container for storage, and if you have a Silhouette or Cricut machine you can personalize or label the box as well!

What kinds of containers do you repurpose to store other items in?

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