Showoffs Travel Bags

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For years this is what my TSA 3-1-1 requirement bag for carry-ons has resembled (minus the toiletries).

I adore traveling and we try and pack as light as possible when we go away, especially if I know there is a laundry area where we’ll be going.

My next trip however I’ll be bringing along my toiletries in a Showoff Travel Bag, these are so clever:


I am so happy to have these, they are a fun way to carry those travel size necessities I bring along.  The little sayings on them are kind of tongue in cheek, and I like that too!

What’s really nice about them is that they have a special leak resistant closure, and the plastic is heavier than a kitchen type storage bag.

They are TSA approved, and the quart sized bag includes TSA-Approved size containers.

If you need a bigger bag (like say…a gallon) Showoffs have that size as well.  These creative bags can hold your full sized shampoo, gels and lotions in your checked luggage, but are also great for protecting cameras, iPods and other devices in your carry-ons from spills and moisture.

I’m ‘packing up’ the review here (bad pun I know!) – to learn more about Showoffs visit, packages start at $14.99.

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