The Days After Christmas and We’re a Little ‘Chipwrecked’

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We took a nice long break for the holidays in our homeschool this year.  We finished off some work and have just been enjoying playing games, reading and watching movies since the 18th.  We plan on resuming a traditional schedule after the first week in January.  That’s one of the things I love about schooling year round!

Of course we never ‘really’ take a break from learning, so many of the things we do even on our time off from textbooks are still educational.  This year we added two new ornaments to our tree, an Alvin and a Brittany from The Chipmunks new movie “Chipwrecked”.  And then I decided to learn about the history of how the characters and movies came about and a little about real chipmunks too!

These ornaments are so cute, The Chipmunks themselves are flocked and the holiday clothes are adorable.  My daughter has enjoyed watching the previous Chipmunk movies and I know when she moves out and gets a tree of her own, she’ll want to take these ornaments with her.

We haven’t seen the Chipwrecked movie in the theater yet.  But, we spent some time reading and looking through a couple of books, Castaway Critters and Brittany Speaks! based on the movie.

They are pretty good.  I don’t think reading them before having seen the movie will spoil the movie for us when we decide to see it.  While paging through them, I kept thinking how cute Brittany’s outfits were.


You can find products based on the new movie Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked at retailers nationwide.

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