See How You Can Help Create “A Better World for Kids” Virtual Game

A number of years ago I started playing A Better World, a social game on Facebook that takes a bit of a twist, because in addition to being entertaining it rewards you for the good things you do in real life.

And now ToonUps the company behind A Better World has started an Indie-GoGo campaign to produce A Better World for Kids.  This virtual online game will aim to teach children a sense of community with kindness, online AND in their everyday lives.  It’s an alternative to violent and time-wasting games that are offered to your kids.

The “A Better World for Kids” game will have kids making an avatar that can look just like them and by doing helpful tasks in and outside the game they can earn Do-Good Gold.  Jobs are based on gameplay kids already know and love such as Cooking, Driving, Building, Puzzles, and more.

Do-Good Gold will let them buy things for their online character, and set up their ‘virtual world’ with fun accessories.  They can shop for new clothes, for their home, and spoil their pets!

Here’s the neat part to A Better World for Kids: Parents will be able to add chores and other things they would like their children to do into their game and the kids will earn virtual prizes when real life tasks are completed!

Here’s a video to show you what it’s all about:

A Better World for Kids will be a tablet app and be compliant with all child privacy laws and regulations.  A Better World for Kids uses fun gameplay to reinforce the important values kids learn at home and in school.

Here is where we come in – at the time I’m publishing this post, A Better World For Kids is trying to raise $200,000 as its goal by January 4, 2015.

You can help get this positive online area made for our children (our country’s future!) by pledging as little as $1.00.  If we all chip in together we’ll be great mentors for just what A Better World for Kids is all about!

You can learn more about A Better World for Kids and their Kickstarter Campaign and/or make a pledge here:

8 thoughts on “See How You Can Help Create “A Better World for Kids” Virtual Game

  1. This sounds like a really wonderful game. Teaching kids to give more and do good things is great!

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