Scents for Everyone #SuaveScents Available at Walmart

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Image 2Whenever I smell the scent of gingerbread it’s like time rewinds.  My grandmother would bake dozens of cookies and we’d eagerly run to her kitchen on Christmas Eve begging for a taste of them before we’d even eaten dinner.  Even now 30+ years later any time I come across that scent I remember those Christmas evenings, with my siblings and my cousins huddled around the small kitchen table indulging in those frosted gingerbread cookies.

Discover Suave® Scents

I love the fact that scents that evoke memories can be bottled, and that’s what you get when with Suave Naturals.  They have a plethora of wonderful scents, and they are available at Walmart for you to purchase as you prepare for holiday guests this season.

Whether it is to stock your own bathrooms for company that is staying overnight, or if it is to create baskets to gift, there are scents everyone will love and appreciate using for their skin everyday.

Image 3

I know my mom loves the scent of the Cocoa Butter & Shea body lotion because it reminds her of the tropics and they live in a cold northern climate. So all winter long when she hydrates her skin she can ‘pretend’ she’s actually near a beach (ha ha!).

Just recently I bought Suave’s Rainforest Fresh body wash, I found it an affordable way to have a quick “spa” getaway in my own shower by spending just a few extra minutes relaxing under the hot water and inhaling the scent while the steam rose around me. I can’t wait to try the Everlasting Sunshine one too, it would be a perfect pick me up for a dreary day.

Image 2

Head in-store or online at to shop for all Suave® products at the best value!.  What’s your favorite scent of the season? #SuaveScents

13 thoughts on “Scents for Everyone #SuaveScents Available at Walmart

  1. Yum! I love the smell of gingerbread and fresh baked bread and so many wonderful foods baking. Scents really make a difference!

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