Stonefire ~ Delicious, Authentic Flatbreads

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As the weather gets chillier we find ourselves seeking cozy refuge inside for warm, delicious food connecting friends and family around the table.  My parents are visiting us right now and between Amber working odd hours and being out and about quick foods are where it’s at right now for me.

Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads, makers of the #1 naan in North America, provide endless options with freshly-baked naan, pizza crust and pita pockets, all of which are versatile, authentic and utilize traditional baking methods. All Stonefire flatbreads are made without artificial preservatives, additives, artificial colors, trans fat and hydrogenated oils.

We’ve now eaten a couple of their products over the past few days.  Thursday when my parents flew in, Amber was also working over the dinner hour.  So I made a pizza using Stonefire Italian Artisan Pizza Crust in Multigrain for Donald and myself, and then later after we picked up Amber from work and my parents from the airport, I was able to quickly put together a pizza for the three of them too.

The Stonefire Italian Thin Pizza Crust with Sauce is hand stretched.  It’s made in the same manner of traditional Italian pizzas, and it’s fully-baked on a stone as they do in Italy;  so all you need to do is just top, heat and serve.  It doesn’t get much easier than that, and it is delicious I might add.

We topped the Artisan Pizza Crust with ham, pineapples and some mozzarella cheese.

The pizza crust I made with the included sauce and some mozzarella and Parmesan cheese.

But you could also top it with grilled vegetables, pesto or brush it with olive oil and top it with diced tomatoes, basil, garlic, cheese and spices for a great bruschetta.  You could even cut it into strips, add cheese and warm it in the oven for home-made cheese sticks.

Stonefire also produces authentic Tandoori Naan.  These naans are baked in the only commercial Tandoor oven in the world!  A cooking method which dates back many centuries.  It’s prepared with Ghee (clarified butter) and fresh buttermilk, following a traditional Indian recipe.  Stonefire’s Tandoori Naans are made with all natural ingredients – there are no additives or artificial preservatives.  They’re perfect for appetizers, dipping, wraps, single serving pizzas or even for Paninis. 

Made in a traditional teardrop shape, they are available in three varieties; Original, Garlic and Whole Grain.

We just ate them as an accompaniment to our Shepherd’s Pie the other evening for dinner, and everyone thought they tasted very good.

Stonefire also makes Pita Bread pockets.  We have not eaten these ones yet, but I’m looking forward to making some turkey salad to stuff them, with some Thanksgiving leftovers.

Because the products are all natural, with no preservatives if you don’t eat them right away after you purchase them, it is recommend that you freeze them.  I had put all of the different varieties in the freezer when I received my samples, and just took them out a couple of hours prior to using them, and they tasted fresh and were soft just as if I had just bought them.

Learn more about Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads at and to find where you can buy them locally.

23 thoughts on “Stonefire ~ Delicious, Authentic Flatbreads

  1. Those look delicious. We would definitely use the pizza crusts and the naan in our house. We would, however, have to get both pizza crusts… I prefer thin, but I am the only one in the house that feels that way. 🙂

    Thanks for the tip about freezing. I really hate when a good product like this goes bad before I can use it.

  2. Wow that looks SO good!! I haven't heard of this brand before or the product. I am so gonna have to try and find some to create your pizza's!!!

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