Save Time By Getting Organized

Oh how I wish there were more hours in the day!  It seems to me that some days 24 just isn’t enough.  But I do find that the more organized I am, the more time I seem to have.  That’s probably not really true, but even if it’s just a mind set rather than reality, I’ll take it!  Here are a few ways that organization helps me save time in my busy days.

Making a Running Shopping List

I leave a pad of paper in my purse and every time I notice that we are out of something I write it down on that pad.  Since it’s in my purse, I can’t leave it at home when we go to the store.  As long as I remember to check it while we’re there, it saves me the time of running back later in the day or week because I forgot to buy it.

Keeping my Kitchen Organized

You’ll remember that not long ago I showed you how I organized my food storage containers.  Well I recently received a KD Organizers™ 6-Slot Bamboo Drawer Organizer to review.  Rummaging around for a serving spoon or vegetable peeler may not seem like a big waste of time, but those extra seconds where you are looking for utensils or lids start adding up in your day.

6 slot bamboo drawer organzier

This is a really nice drawer organizer.  It is quality constructed with sturdy notches and fully glued together.  The size of it is 17.75 x 12 x 2.5 inches and it fits well into a larger sized kitchen drawer.  It’s laid out practically for storage purposes.

6 Slot Bamboo Drawer Organizer

I’m using it in the kitchen right now for our extra utensils (we have a lot of spoons!), serving pieces, plastic ones, and miscellaneous items I just didn’t know where to put (like chopsticks and small butter spreaders).  I know that this will really payoff in the long haul having these items organized this way rather than just tossed in a drawer where I’d have to rummage through to find them every time.

I’m thinking that this would also be a great for drawer organization in an office for pens, pencils, rulers, paper clips and other supplies, and also in the bathroom too for makeup brushes, tweezers, cotton balls, etc.

You can purchase the KD Organizers™ 6-Slot Bamboo Drawer Organizer on for $24.97.

Grocery Shop the Same Day You Have Time to Prep

While this might not be an option for some, I find that if I do my food shopping on a day where I have a couple of hours to prep my food for the coming week, I save time and waste less food.  Fresh vegetables can all be washed, peeled and chopped right out of the bags.  Then stored in food containers for meal use.  Ground beef can be browned and refrigerated or frozen for casseroles or pasta dishes.  Frozen or canned food can be grouped together in the freezer or pantry by meal.  Then when you’re ready to make the meal that evening, everything is in one spot and you don’t have to hunt for the ingredients you need.

What kind of organizational tips can you share that help you save time during the day?

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  1. Everything has a home and I try to make sure things are put there before I go to bed at night. Doesn’t always work.

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