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Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch break during your Christmas shopping or anticipating the need to be a little lighter on your wallet once the shopping is done ,  one of the best lunch deals in town right now has got to be at Macaroni Grill’s Romano’s Kitchen Counter.  If you’re looking for ways to save time and money, that’s where you’re going to find it.

Restaurant outings can be expensive, but Roman’s Kitchen Counter wants to show you that it doesn’t have to be!  Serving between the hours of 11 AM to 4 PM at Macaroni Grill locations, Romano’s Kitchen Counter offers $7 Menu items delivered in just 7 minutes…or it’s free!  And just to make the deal a little bit sweeter… they’re offering a coupon for you to try their menu and their service making it just 2 for $10!!  Talk about a budget lunch!

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This is your opporutunity to try out Romano’s Kitchen Counter, save and get lunch in a record time.  All you have to do is print off the coupon, find your nearest location…and enjoy your food!  You’ll want to jump on this offer though as it expires January 31, 2015

Check out some of the items on their menu:

Chicken Milanese Panzanella – Lightly breaded chicken, Roma and yellow grape tomatoes, pickled onions, olives, parmesan and a Mediterrnaean vinaigrette with Arugula.
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich – Fresh mozzarella, tomato, arugula, basil pesto, mediterranean vinaigrette on ciabatta
Pepperoni Calzonetto – Paremsan Chicken, mozzarella, imported pomodorina and fresh basil on Ciabatta
Baked Ravioli – Cheese ravioli with basil, mozzarella, paremsan and imported pomodorina

There are a variety of other selections and for not much extra you can add chicken, sausage or seafood to many of the menu items.  Of course you can complete your meal with bread, side salads, chips and dessert, for a small charge of $1 to $3.

This is defintiely a quick and cost-effective way to try out Romano’s Macaroni Grill if you’ve never eaten there before.  If you’re a repeat customer – well it’s a great way to get a fantastic deal on lunch!

Have you ever eaten at Macaroni Grill or Romano’s Kitchen Counter before?  If so what’s your favorite menu item?  If you redeem the coupon let us know what you had so we have some ideas on what to order when we go!!

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