Review: Joy Sprouts | Free iOS/iPad App

It’s no surprise to anyone that we used technology a lot in our home to teach our daughter.   Before there were tablets and smartphones, back in the late 90s when she was a toddler, she was busy pounding away at a computer keyboard playing edutainment software unknowingly learning letters and numbers.  Now parents can take electronic educational learning on the go with them, and Joy Sprouts is a free iOS/iPad app for preschoolers that will have them playing and learning at the same time.

Joy Sprouts gives your preschooler a headstart on successful learning!  Created by educational professionals, Joy Sprouts’ award winning games and activities develop a range of important skills to help your child’s total development.  The app provides personalized reports that allow you to follow your child’s progress across key areas of development.

So why would you want to download Joy Sprouts for your preschooler?  Because it will help your child reach their full potential.  The foundation of the app is build on the Head Start Framework.  The game content in it helps your child’s growth in all areas of development not just one or two. 

It covers Language and Literacy, Cognition and General Knowledge (Math, Science and Social Studies), Learning Approaches, Social and Emotional Development and Physical Development and Health content.  As a parent you will love the customizable reports that provide progress based on a date range that you can choose.  You can also see which activities (called “Sprouts” in the app) your child has played with and summaries of the skills that are contained within each Sprout.  Based on the progress your child is making they will receive a ‘Sprout Score,’ so you can easily keep track.

To begin using the app, you can add your child to it.  You’ll add their name, birth date and gender.


The three downloads that installed with Joy Sprouts when I opened it were: ‘My Dad,’ ‘That’s My Job!‘ and ‘Where Is Pooky?

Garfield is the star of both ‘That’s My Job‘ and ‘Where Is Pooky?‘  In the first, children can choose a uniform for Garfield and then pick an appropriate accessory for him, put him in a venue and watch him go to work.  The task involves logic and reasoning.


In ‘Where Is Pooky?‘ Children will have to collect puzzle pieces to find out where Pooky is, by completing mini tasks of matching shapes, placing objects, coordinating patterns and activities like that.


My Dad‘ facilitates social development with an interactive story.  “Dad” is a firefighter and you child needs to help Dad find his tools to fight fires (which includes a cup of coffee LOL), as well as other activities which they can tap around the screen to find.


When your preschooler is clamoring for some tablet time, this is a good app to let them play.  They think it’s all fun and games but really they are learning so much in different skill areas, and you can even see how they are progressing with the reports. The graphics are bright and and will keep little ones engaged.

Whether you’re trying to gain a little solitude to get the Christmas baking done, hanging out in an airport or finishing up the holiday shopping, Joy Sprouts can keep them occupied and learning at the same time.  You can find Joy Sprouts for free on iTunes and it works with iOS 7 and up.

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