Review & Give Away ~ Teen Pop-Opera Sensation “Il Volo”

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Like many up and coming stars these days, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble got their start on a televised talent show, this one in Italy.  Winning the competition easily, the young tenors named themselves “Il Volo” (which means flight), and were well on their way to success. 

Not only are these 3 young men kinda cute, they have voices that are far beyond their years.  they are classified as a pop-opera group (kind of a crossover between the two genres if you will).  I’d never actually consider myself to be an opera fan, but I’ve been hooked on Il Volo since I first heard them sing O Sole Mio back in the spring of 2011. It’s really hard to put the sound of the voices to these teenagers, you have to see these talented guys sing to believe it.

8 million+ views can’t be wrong, right?! Here’s a taste on YouTube (you can find a few more videos on their YouTube channel).

How incredible is that?  This song is what really got them on the road to success.  Since then, they’ve put out a number of albums and their newest ‘We Are Love’ was just released in November.  You can preview samples of the tracks on

Il Volo has once again put out an album of great music.   There are two tracks on the album that have Il Volo singing with some opera legends; Il Canto which features Placido Domingo and Cosi’ which features Eros Ramazzotti.  

There are actually three English songs on this album also, but I have to be honest, these guys kind of lose their mystery and appeal when they sing in English.  I’m not exactly sure why I feel that way, but in my opinion they should stick to the Italian.  Even though I don’t have any idea what the lyrics are about, I like it – it’s fine music.

You can purchase Il Volo’s We Are Love online and in retail stores.  This would be a no-brainer of a holiday gift for anyone who has or enjoys an opera connection, or for those who are interested in broadening their music base.  I also think it would appeal to a lot of tween/teen girls as the music is really romantic and the guys on the cover aren’t tough to look at either!

I received a media sample of this album to review.  Published by Tammy Litke.  This post includes affiliate links.

You can win a copy of We Are Love right here!

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