Out with the Old, in with the New; Refreshing Your Home for Spring

refreshing your home

Now that spring is officially here, it is the prime time of the year to begin refreshing your home. Throughout winter we tend to favor deeper hues and heavier textiles, and allow our home improvements to fall to the wayside. However, with spring there is a return of warmer weather and lighter days and as such our homes need an interior reawakening to reflect the transition.

There are plenty of ways to revitalize your house, the most prominent means being redecorating and de-cluttering, with particular focus being on how to best utilize the space you have, even if it is limited.

• Maximise Space

Utilizing space correctly is one of the most challenging aspects of your home to get right when refreshing your interior. One of the most obvious issues we overlook is how much room we offer up to unnecessary items, such as retro consoles to name one example. More often than not they are simply for display, and do nothing more than gather dust and clog up vital space. For you to fully be able to do your home justice you need to accept that storing your items away may be for the best, especially if you are restricted by a compact living space. An easy means of storage is selecting furniture that has more than one function, like an ottoman bed. Not only do they provide a decent nights sleep, but they hide away a lot of items that would otherwise need rehoming. about what these specialist items can do for your home, as well as discovering more useful ideas and tips, Bestar has a quick and easy blog to hand.

• Deep Cleanse

We can all be guilty of being light on the cleaning and keeping our house chores to a bare minimum, particularly when everything is drab and dreary. Nonetheless, we all must eventually face up to doing an inevitable deep cleanse, and spring is one of the best times to do it. Our kitchens deal with a lot of traffic on a daily basis, and therefore withstands a lot of grime or dirt, and one place that always suffers the most is our dishwashers. Now is the time to tackle the caked on food head on; use baking soda on a damp cloth to remove stains around the edges, and then use a quarter cup of bleach to sanitize your machine. There are specific products you can invest in if you’d rather not use the bleach, , but some regular household alternatives will suffice.

• Repaint

Sadly, not everything can be easily cleaned away – our walls deal with scuffs, mud, crayon marks and so much more, and while scrubbing only goes so far, eventually a fresh coat of paint is needed. Although you can opt to reuse paint you already own, it is always worth refreshing the color scheme of your home. As it is spring, lighter tones and soft pastel shades are the perfect accompaniment to any room; they bring the outside in and . Alternatively, you can add flashes of color and flora inspired motifs to add a new dynamic to your current layout. It doesn’t matter whether you decide upon bold or gentle, it is more about embracing the energy of spring.

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