How To Dress Like Adele

Adele has rocketed to stardom and captured all of our hearts with her autobiographical music and unusual approach to fame. She is not someone who seeks attention with her look and her approach to fashion is refreshingly easy to relate to. As a woman who is not pencil thin, Adele serves as a representative for the women with curves out there who know how to look truly stunning.

Want to learn more about how to dress like Adele and slay at your next big event? Then be sure to read on! Best of all, many of these looks can be put together on a budget thanks to coupons to all your favorite shops such as Nordstrom , allowing you to remain stylish without breaking the bank.

  1. The Early Years (2006-2008)

When Adele first came onto the scene, she was well known for dressing much like any woman would. She would wear loose fitting sweaters, black slacks, leggings, and even wore a beanie to one event. Her look could best be described as boho chic.

She would dress casually, yet still look good. For women who are not looking to deck themselves out, but still want to turn heads, this is a fun look to emulate. Sweaters, blouses, leggings, jeans, these are all items that any woman has at her disposal. To flatter her figure, she would often dress in black, with flowing tops, paired with sensible shoes.

  1. The Evolution (2009-2011)

Some fashion critics would slam Adele’s early appearance, calling it frumpy and she responded by slowly making a shift in her choices. To dress like the Adele from this period, you can still wear leggings and jeans, with satin dresses and that are a bit more formfitting.

A hallmark of Adele’s look, from any point in her career, is that she always leaves something to the imagination. No showing skin or flaunting curves for this soul starlet, who finally started to embrace frillier dresses and makeup during this period of time. She would still primarily dress in black, though.

  1. From Then Til Now (2011-2016)

Adele has slimmed down a bit since her early career and while she still favors all black ensembles, she’s started to switch her look up a bit, going with blonde hair at awards shows and more formal gowns. She’s even thrown in a few different color schemes, working in some blue and red formal dresses.

To dress like Adele, one needs to embrace a more understated appearance. She loves to dress in all black (few women have gotten more mileage out of their little black dresses), wear sunglasses and is just as comfortable in Chuck Taylor sneakers as she is in heels. Her style has evolved over the years as she has grown into herself and she is living proof that you do not need to be a size 2 to look absolutely ravishing!

2 thoughts on “How To Dress Like Adele

  1. I think Adele is her own person and love that she dresses the way she feels like and is not super skinny to be successful! I sure love her and her music.

  2. She is so chic, she could probably wear a paper bag and look good because she has such a great personality and is so genuine.

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