Rayman Origins for Nintendo 3DS Review #UbiRaymanO #spon

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My 16 year old daughter Amber, is the one who reviewed ‘Rayman Origins’ a game from Ubisoft for the 3DS.  Amber is enthralled with video games, so much so that she is planning to go to college to become a video game designer.  So I’m always interested in her take on a new game that she plays, and in her own words here is a review that follows the continuing adventures of Rayman, the limbless hero:

Settle in for story time because Rayman and I go way back.  My first console system as a young kid was a Playstation 2, and not being old enough to play the majority of games available my parents were searching for one that was more ‘kid-friendly’.  That was how I ended up with Rayman 2: Revolution (which in hindsight, may not have been the most kid-friendly game).  I have many fond (and not so fond) memories of zombie chickens, robot pirates, and forcing my dad to play the game for me.  These memories are the reason I wanted to review Rayman Origins.

The setting of the game is The Glade of Dreams, it is a place of resting, eating and PARTYING!  The creatures of the Glade are relaxing when their snoring and music riles up the nightmarish monsters that live beneath them.  The leader and creator of the Glade, the Bubble Dreamer, affects the world based on his mood.  As a result of the chaos, the Bubble Dreamer is having nightmares.  Rayman and his friends are going to have to stop the nightmare creatures to save the Bubble Dreamer and the Glade!

While the controls aren’t hard to figure out, I suggest taking a look through the instruction manual before you start playing.  The game doesn’t have a ‘real’ tutorial, so it will probably help you get the hang of things quicker.  The play style itself is your basic platforming sidescroller, where your goal is to collect lums, find and earn electrons, and unlock more worlds and bosses.  You’re able to switch between Rayman and his friend Globox between levels (and eventually with enough electrons, combine them!).  The game isn’t hard to play, but maxing out on lums and electrons will require more skill than just getting through the levels.

Compared to the Rayman game I played before, Rayman Origins has a far more light-hearted and less dark atmosphere.  Cheery music follows you through vivid scenery, further enhanced and given depth through the 3D of the 3DS.  With the limited selection of action games on the 3DS, Rayman Origins is a good pick for those who aren’t interested in RPGs, education, or simulation games.

Rayman Origins is available on Amazon.com for $29.96 at the time of this writing and other retailers nationwide.

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