RAVPower 3000 mAh Luster Series Power Bank

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RAVPower’s 3000 mAh Luster Series Power Bank lets you charge your mobile devices on the go.  Just plug it into a an AC adapter, PC USB port or a car charger USB port to fill the battery up and then you can take it with you so you’ll always have power no matter where you are.

Since we travel a lot, I’m always worried about running out of battery power on my devices when I’m not anywhere near somewhere I can charge them.  It’s a lot more difficult than one assumes to find an outlet in an airport, especially when flights are delayed and everyone else is looking for one too!  The last time I ran out of power on my phone at the airport, I was stuck charging my phone in the ladies restroom.  Not really the ideal place to be doing that!

The RAVPower Power Bank package includes the power bank, a USB to Micro USB able and a user guide.  This can’t get any easier to use.  When the power bank is charging the end will glow red.


There is no on/off switch so you just connect your device and it will power up.  It will turn itself off automatically and conserve whatever power is left on it when you disconnect.  

Besides being able to charge up your phone or tablet, there is also an LED flashlight on one end, which has three settings.  A higher and lower beam setting and a strobe setting.  I’ve really appreciated this in the evenings when I’m out and about.  Sometimes I end up parked in a place where the lighting isn’t so great, and I have a tough time seeing the key hole on my car door.  It also just makes me feel safer to have it on if I’m out by myself in the evening.

Additional RAVPower 3000 mAh Luster Series Power Bank Features

* DC 5V input – meaning this power bank is going to connect with most of your mobile devices
* 2.56 ounces and the size of a roll of coins. Fits easily into any pocket, purse or bag. Also included is an aluminum clip so you can attach it for easy access.
* 3000 mAh capacity is going to allow you to run your phone for hours.
* Built-in security protection designed for short-circuit or overloading. The power bank will automatically shut down if a short-circuit or overload occurs while the unit is charging.

You can get the RAVPower 3000 mAh Luster Series Power Bank on Amazon for under $20, and I highly recommend it as a power source for your mobile devices.  It worked without any trouble for me with both my phone and my iPad, as a charging station.  It’s a great value for the money.  

You can learn more about RAVPower and the products they make on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube.

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