Random Acts of Zhu–Toys for Children in Need

This past Monday – my husband and I put on our armor coats, braved the frigid cold weather and headed to our local mall.  Yes I know the Monday before Christmas, what were we thinking?!?  But it was all in the name of charity, and worth every ounce of inconvenience it might have seemed to us before we left our home that afternoon.

Just in front of the Macy’s entrance at the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls, SD the Salvation Army sets up their Angel Tree each year.  Here people can donate toys for children in need so that hopefully every child in the area will wake up to a gift under the tree on Christmas morning no matter the financial situation of their family.

This is where Random Acts of Zhu and Cepia LLC come in.  Cepia LLC is the maker of Zhu Zhu Pets, and sometime at the beginning of December, 13 boxes of Zhu Zhu Pets arrived to my second floor door (great thanks to the very kind delivery man who brought them all up!).  Inside each of these boxes was 8 Zhu Zhu Pets – that’s 104 Zhu Zhu Pets!  My living room kind of looked like a Tribble episode from Star Trek!

And this is where my husband and I come in.  As part of the Random Acts of Zhu, I was deemed a worthy and ethical blogger of the task to donate these Zhu Zhu Pets to a charity where they would find a good home for these fun toys – to children who otherwise might not have a very Merry Christmas.

Which is where my blog post started, visiting the mall on the Monday before Christmas to donate these many, many Zhu Zhu Pets!

The lovely lady who was ‘manning’ the Angel Tree Monday afternoon, was so thankful.  Overwhelmingly so.  She immediately called someone at the Salvation Army’s office so that they could get the Zhu Zhu Pets picked up so they could coordinate where they could go to reach the children.  She had mentioned that the kids love the Zhu Zhu Pets and they were actually on their list of requests for the Angel Tree this year.

A friend and I also played “Secret Santa” for a co-worker of hers that had a need this Christmas.  Two of the Zhu Zhu Pets were placed on her desk so that her little guy could have a little extra today, where they were struggling financially to be able to do that!  Giving is so wonderful, especially when you do it anonymously!

Here is where I encourage you to take a step in the right direction for next year.  I know funds are tight for many people, especially around the holidays.  But if you have anything, just a bit extra, take the time to give, to help someone who has even less than you.  It might sound trite, but if you are reading this blog from your home, well that means you have internet access, which probably means you have just $1 extra to drop in that Salvation Army kettle as you head into a local store.  Or maybe you can spare $8 and purchase a Zhu Zhu Pet and donate it to a local charity.  Even if it’s only pocket change – it can go far when we all give together.

Check your local newspaper and TV news websites, and there will be many charities listed that will take donations.  Most often these have been investigated so you know that your $$ or purchases are going to an ethical organization.

Go therefore and do Random Acts of Zhu in your community!

This feature was written thanks entirely to Cepia LLC who generously sent 104 Zhu Zhu pets to my home so that on their behalf I could donate them to a local organization in my city, so many children could have a special Christmas morning! THANK YOU.


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