Pro Naturals Hair Repair System

If I’m going to be honest I think that the part of my body I take the least care of is my hair.  Over the years I’ve permed it, dyed it, highlighted it, straight ironed it, teased it, grew it (without cutting the ends) – and last year when I turned 40 I admitted to myself that it’s probably just not very healthy.

So when asked if I would do a review of the Pro Naturals Hair Repair System with samples provided, I figured I was a pretty good candidate.

Pro Naturals Hair Repair System Includes:

  • 1 280ml Bottle Pro Naturals Hair Shampoo.
  • 1 280ml Bottle Pro Naturals Hair Conditioner.
  • 1 250ml Pro Naturals Hair Mask.
  • 1 50ml Pro Naturals Argan Hair Oil.
  • Product Authenticity Hologram Seal.

The Pro Naturals Hair Repair System is made with only the finest of natural high quality ingredients – including 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil.  While a lot of people use clarifying shampoos to get rid of the build up on their hair, what most of us don’t realize is that most of those contain sulfates, stripping your hair of its natural oils. Moroccan argan oil is the closest to the natural oils in your hair.  As a result, the Pro Natural’s Hair Repair four step system with its Moroccan argan oil will not make your hair heavy or oily, rather it works to improve and replenish from the hair root to tip, leaving your hair frizz free, soft and full of shine.

I used the Pro Naturals Hair Repair System for a week (the system is designed to use for 1 week every 6 weeks), and I’m going to share with you how it worked for me.

First off just let me say that the shampoo and conditioner smell fantastic.

The Hair Treatment Mask is really my favorite item from the system.  You apply it after using the shampoo and conditioner and then leave it on for 18 to 25 minutes  and then rinse it out.  If you want an even more complete treatment, you can mix in a few drops of the argan oil itself to the mask and then apply it.   And although I’m pretty sure it is not intended to use as styling product rather than a hair repair treatment…when you forget to rinse it out, it works well as that too .

Once you rinse out the mask you apply the argan oil which you leave in.  Since my hair is quite short I only applied a couple of drops while it was still damp and it gave it a beautiful shine.

I have definitely noticed a difference in the smoothness of my hair after the first week I used the 4 products in the system.  I towel dry my hair after showering, and once it completely air dries it has the tendency to just fuzz up all over.  I noticed that with each passing day, it lay more smooth even after it dried without using any styling products.  In just a week I noticed that my hair was less brittle than it was before, and there’s less on my counter top after combing my hair.

The system is pricey up front; the full set is $189.99.  That being said, remember you are only using it for about 15% of the year since the system is set up to use it for one week every six weeks.  So it could last you a long time, depending on the length of your hair and the hardness of your water.  I’m guessing it will last close to a year for short hair.  Since I have never used a system like this before, price wise I had nothing to compare it to, but I researched prices for treatments at salons and came up with an average of $40 a treatment.  At every 6 weeks that would come to around $350 a year not including taxes or tips.  So if you’re in the market for a hair repair system like this, it seems to be a good deal.

I’m glad they include an authenticity seal.  It is important because there are places out there scamming the Moroccan argan oil which is one of the rarest oils in the world.  Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations by a brand that can’t authenticate that what they are selling is legitimate.

You can learn more and purchase Pro Naturals Hair Repair System on Pro Naturals’ website.