Post-it for Back-to-School

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I still can’t believe that back-to-school season is here.  Luckily, the Post-it Brand has launched a variety of new products to help get the entire family organized and ready for the school year.

Post-it has nearly everything students and parents alike need for the new school year.  From calendars to notes to labels, start the year off fresh with the Post-it Brand.

I got to see a whole bunch of classic and new Post-it products for this season and let me tell you about some of my favorites:

Post-it Pockets – Okay seriously, I had these even before I was sent samples from Post-it.  I was looking for a way to organize my blog items off my desk, but didn’t want to put anything on the wall.  Post-it Pockets were PERFECT for my needs (I ordered mine off, as they stick vertically to the book case right next to my computer, and when I’m ready to take them down (like if we move…) they won’t wreck the book case AND I can use them again in another location later! ($5.99 – $10.00)

Post-it Flag+ Combination Highlighter and Pen – As a home educator it’s an unusual site to see me without a pen in my hand (or two or three!).  Between doing lesson plans and grading I’m always writing somewhere.  This product lets me use the same item to grade, write and flag!  I love the way it looks too, it’s so modern.  The pen writes in a smooth black ink, and the highlighter doesn’t smear writing.  ($5.99 – $6.99)

Post-it Super Sticky Notes – These notes will stick anywhere and everywhere!  I ♥ these guys.  My daughter has some ‘memory’ issues when it comes to flossing and water-picking her teeth, so I have a pad of Super Sticky Notes, attached to the tile in her bathroom, that visually reminds her to do that each night. ($1.00 – $15.00)

A whole new design collection is available for 2011, with chic and cheerful prints.  Post-it notes aren’t just available in that standard yellow either!  Jewel Pop color tones are the NEW stylish look of Post-its!  And if you’re looking for a way to label, you can use Post-it’s new Sticky Designer Label Series to make sure lunch boxes, pencil cases and notebooks don’t go missing (or at least get returned!) this school year.

You can find all these and many more Post-it Products and special offers at

Disclosure: I was sent some Post-it samples to review from 3M Company.

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