P&Geveryday – Need Inspiration for Every Day Events? They Have You Covered.

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I’m so excited that we’ve had the opportunity to use our gorgeous back deck for some parties already this year.  And we have more to come!  We’re actually hosting a party for my husband’s co-workers in mid-July and I’m not ashamed to say I want to make an impression 😉  Finding new recipes that are easy but different is a must.  I recently found a new resource for recipes, and quite honestly it was surprising to me, at P&Geveryday.  Besides recipes of all kinds, they have ideas for family activities, health & wellbeing, your home & garden and beauty tips.  It’s kind of like a one-stop site for life in general!

One of the things I want to do for that party is have a Lemonade Bar using the Easy Lemonade Recipes on P&Geveryday.

Photo Credit: P&Geveryday

I like the idea of having a basic lemonade out and allowing people to add to it what they want, from berries to rosemary there were flavor combination ideas I would not have thought of!  It certainly will be a tasty way for people to cool off on a hot Texas day.

I’ve honestly never made lemonade from scratch before – I’ve always just bought it from the refrigerated case or in powdered form at the grocery store.  The instructions on P&Geveryday are pretty clear on how to go about doing it, and I have no doubt that making it tastes as good or better than even a premium brand (and probably cheaper too!).

Photo Credit: P&Geveryday

I also can not wait to try this Cool Watermelon Salsa recipe out!

P&Geveryday is a fantastic place for finding everyday inspiration.  Whether you’re looking for some outdoor fun activities, a homemade gift idea, home décor advice or recipes for your next party. 

For 175 years Procter & Gamble has been helping people around the world have extraordinary days, every day, and now you can find it all in one place online at P&Geveryday.  I encourage you to go and check out the P&Geveryday site and their Facebook page so that you can see why I think it’s a great way to find ideas to make your days a little easier.  Not just that, but you’ll also find product ratings and reviews of P&G brands and coupon, sample offers and much more!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

10 thoughts on “P&Geveryday – Need Inspiration for Every Day Events? They Have You Covered.

  1. I had no idea P&G had a lifestyle type website. I look forward to checking it out and trying some of those mouth watering recipes soon!

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