13 Summer Drinks to Beat the Heat

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Happy Sunday y’all!!  I’ve compiled a bunch of drink recipes from my blog and a couple of others that are perfect for beating the heat this summer.  There are 13 of them all together, including iced teas & coffees, lemonades, smoothies and more.

What kind of drinks do you enjoy in summer to beat the heat?  Let us know in the comments.

Have a great day!

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Check out 13 Summer Drinks to Beat the Heat

by Tammy Litke at Foodie.com

18 thoughts on “13 Summer Drinks to Beat the Heat

  1. They all look so good and refreshing!! I could have used one today after mowing the grass!

  2. I could go for a glass of the mango iced tea right now! I'm loving the influx of mango in recipes recently. It's so good!

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