Petjamas and Snugglebags – Gift Guide Pick

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When our daughter was little she had certain stuffed toys that she took EVERYWHERE. I was constantly concerned about keeping those plushies from getting filthy.  Oh how I wish she would have had Petjamas and a Snugglebag for her soft ‘friends’.

SnuggleTime is a newly created, woman-owned business offering the newest accessories designed specifically for plush pillow toys and other stuffed animals.

These two new products are designed for Pillow Pet type products, but can be used with any stuffed toy that is around the 18″ size.  Since we received a red and black combination of Petjamas to review we thought our LadyBug stuffed toy would be a good model for it!  Easy for a child to use themselves, the Petjamas have a velcro opening/closure and the plushie goes inside with the head sticking out the top.  Petjamas have a handle on the top so that your child can carry their friend so it stays protected and clean! 


There are many colors and soft fabrics to choose from so that you can coordinate with your stuffies, mix and match, or get one for each plush pet!

For sleepovers your kids will love Snugglebags.  Whether it’s at Grandma’s house or the family vacation, your child’s favorite stuffed toy will have their very own place to sleep!  I don’t know how many times I had to fish around the next morning to make sure that we didn’t leave without our daughter’s plushie, with a Snugglebag keeping it clean and ‘safe’ I’d have felt a little less pressure!  Snugglebags are reversible in a pink/purple combination and a blue/orange combination.


If you have a 3+ year old to shop for on your holiday list that loves their plush pillows and toys, Petjamas and Snugglebags would make a great gift.  Petjamas are just $9.99 and Snugglebags $12.99 and can be purchased online at

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