Personal Best Pro ~ Free for a Limited Time iOS App

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SPONSORED POSTIf your children take part in sports and you have an iOS device, well you’re going to want to check out Personal Best Pro.  You can add multiple sports, keep track of in event activities, view graphs and share their achievements all within this app.

You start by adding a person.  You can grant the app access to your photos or you can take one with your camera.  Add the name and age.

Personal Best Pro iOS app

Then you can add their sports.

our sports

Once you have added their sports, then you can add an activity within it.  So you could specify a certain time for a track lap, or the number of baskets in a basketball game, the amount of interceptions in football, etc..

Within the activity subset, you can choose either counter (which allows you to press an up or down arrow to add or subtract by ones for things like baskets, turn overs, yards), timer or you can manually keep track of whatever you are wanting to record.  You can change the date, but you must input a location of the event before you can save it for a later time or to start recording immediately.


The timer feature has a total elapsed time and a lap button.  So you can keep track of each smaller distance within a larger race or event.  Once you press stop a save button will appear so you can keep the data.  After you save you can add photos and notes and share on Facebook and/or Twitter.



The app also has a graphing feature so you can see progress made on the specific activity, and it has an achievement gallery as well.

Personal Best Pro is well designed and free for a limited time only.  This free version will only work to record one person’s data.  It’s a 99₵ charge to upgrade the app to record achievements of more than one person.  That’s really a small charge for being able to add more than one child’s sports to the app.  It’s a real bargain if you are the team soccer coach or to pass on to the game coaches of your children’s teams to track their players stats through the season.

The app lets you do many things, and it certainly won’t disappoint the average sports family.  It is optimized for both iPhone & iPad (the screenshots above are from the iPad version).  It’s completely usable and did not crash on me at all while playing around with it.

You can learn more about Personal Best Pro on its iTunes preview page.

22 thoughts on “Personal Best Pro ~ Free for a Limited Time iOS App

  1. This looks really cool and good timing since I'm trying to improve at this time of year!

  2. What a great idea! My kids are still too little for serious sports, but it would be fun to record this stuff just to have it – and would definitely come in handy when they're older!

  3. My son has always been involved in a lot of sports. I can see where this would be useful.

  4. This is such a great app for the serious sports family, like us. I love the idea of being able to keep up with all of their athletic accomplishments in one place!

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