Panic and Relief Over Christmas Shopping

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A head-spinning mix of panic and relief races through my head as I realize it’s just 10 days until Christmas.

Panic because I still have a gift yet to get for my husband (I never know what to get him).  Relief because I know that I can find great coupons at to get him something yet!

So last night I grasped my hands together, flexed my fingers and hit the keyboard to search their site for the best coupon savings, after he laid his head on the pillow to go to sleep.

They had coupons for me to take advantage of for some of his favorite stores like Best Buy and NewEgg.  I always feel successful when I can surprise him, although more often than not I’m just predicatable in what I end up buying him.  A CD, chocolate, software…

I was trying to come up with something unique all week, and came up with… nothing, zip, zilch, nada.

Maybe I should use a coupon and get him a Snuggie.  I have a feeling there is one wrapped up under the tree for me this year (since it was on my short list!).  And I know my daughter’s getting one as well.  If I bought him one, we’d have matching Snuggies for the whole family.  We could even take a picture for our Christmas Cards next year!

I think I should.  Don’t you?!

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