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engaged while learning
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5 Tools to Keep Your Kids Engaged While Learning

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know how important I think it is to keep kids engaged in the classroom. It doesn’t matter how well prepared you are for the day’s lesson, if your kids aren’t engaged, they simply won’t get anything out of it.

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fun getting fit
Posted in Health

How to Have Fun Getting Fit

Getting fit can sometimes feel like a chore, but it doesn’t have to. It doesn’t always mean jogging around the park at 6 am every morning, or stumbling around the gym pretending to know how all the fancy equipment works. There are so many other ways (more fun ways) of getting fit that you can try. So, if the thought of going on a run fills you with dread, read on for more ways of getting fit!

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field trip transportation
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Planning Field Trip Transportation

For any child or student, a field trip tends to be a lot of fun and creates memories that last a really long time. Then it is suddenly time to do it again, except this time you are a chaperoning parent or a teacher, thus making the whole process a lot more tedious than before. But planning a field trip is not that difficult if you keep certain things in mind from the get go:

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8 Popular Treks in Nepal Himalayas

If you want to get a glimpse of heaven, come to Nepal once, and explore the Himalayas. If not heaven, this will definitely be the next best thing. Nepal is well renowned for some of the most astounding trekking routes in the world. Enthusiasts from all around the globe visit Nepal to observe the diverse terrains that the country offers.

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Posted in Beauty

The Easy Path to Beautiful Skin

Having beautiful skin may seem hard, but you just have to know where to start. Having quality products like Vitamin C and E serum and a skin care plan is essential. If you are like most people, you may neglect to wash your face, much less use any products. To be able to fight the signs of aging and have quality skin, you must use the right components. Below is a simple guide to put you on the path to beautiful skin.

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National Jerky Day Is June 12! Celebrate with T.O.P. Chops

June 12th is National Jerky Day!! “Jerky” is a word derived from the Spanish word charqui, which came from the Quechua (a Native South American language) word ch’arki, which means to burn (meat).  So while the jerky we typically consume is not burned, it’s dried, clearly  those ancestors were on to something tasty.

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Considering an RV? 5 Terrific Reasons to Choose a Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer

Are you interested in living the RV lifestyle? You’re in good company. Approximately one million Americans live in their recreational vehicle full time, traversing the country according to season and whim. Of course, there are also many more who own an RV in addition to a traditional home, and use it as both transportation method and accommodations when they travel.

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Wonder Park
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Wonder Park now available on Digital and on Blu-ray and DVD June 18th

WONDER PARK is the animated story of a young girl named June with a big imagination who makes an incredible discovery—the amusement park of her dreams has come to life.

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Ekster Wallet and Tracker
Posted in Gift Guide

Ekster 3.0 Wallet and Tracker

For an item that contains so much valuable information and is with you all day long, your wallet has so little security built into it.  That’s why Ekster® was born.  The three Dutch founders decided that they needed to develop something both efficient and secure for your pockets.

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National Donut Day Fan Flavor Challenge

June 7, 2019 is a donut-lover’s dream day.. because it’s National Donut Day! To recognize this amazing day, Entenmann’s has a national competition for fans to create a brand new donut flavor, and one lucky winner will take away some fantastic prizes.

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