Oriental Trading Your Gift Wrap Headquarters for Christmas 2016

So now that you’re nearly finished buying all the gifts you realize that you have soooo many packages to wrap.  And then you seek out Pinterest for some unique ways to wrap them and after the first few,  you may be putting something extra in your egg nog!  Gift Wrappers of the world, it’s time we unite.  The kind folks at Oriental Trading sent me a variety of items at no cost to me, so I could share with you that there’s no need to go wrap overboard when you have Oriental Trading at your fingertips.  They’re here for you.  And I’m here for you to give you some quick, cute, affordable and fun ways to wrap up your gifts with items you can purchase at Oriental Trading.

•  Large Clear Christmas Ornaments – What a fun way to wrap up small gifts!  Wrap the item in tissue paper and then put it inside one of these 4″ clear plastic bulbs.  Or have your kids decorate the outside of them and then place the gift inside for the most unique holiday wrap job ever.  Small clothing and accessory items don’t even need wrapping just place them inside and your ornament has color!  Little girls leggings (you’ll see leggings featured a lot in this post since I sell them 🙂 ), mittens, gloves, and socks are great to tuck away inside one of these large clear Christmas ornaments.  You’ll find them in the Christmas craft section on OrientalTrading.com



•  Jingle Bell Gift Tags – For an extra special touch toss some extra Christmas cheer onto every Christmas gift you give this holiday season by attaching these delightful Jingle Bell Gift Tags. Plenty of soft organza ribbon lets you tie on these large 1″ metal bell with ease.  Whether you’re adding them to gift wrapped box, looping them through the handles of a gift bag, tying them around a travel mug filled with packaged beverages or fastening them around an article of clothing, your wrap job will be the most festive one under the tree.  They make great tree ornmaents too!




•  Holiday Cupcake Boxes – Give cupcakes to friends and family with these cute cardboard gift boxes. Featuring a variety of holiday designs, each has a Christmas tree-shaped window so you can see the cupcake inside!  Don’t limit them to cupcakes though!  When you remove the cupcake holder portion, these boxes are also perfect for cookies and candy treats.  Think outside the box though (see what I did there?!) for using it in other ways!  Travel size lotions and bath items can be put in the bottom and a small mesh poof on top.  Again a great way to wrap up socks, gloves, a fashion scarf or leggings too.





•  Plush Long Arm Holiday Characters – In snowman, gingerbread man, penguin and Santa shapes, these Christmas characters are FUN to wrap around gifts!  (Or maybe your Elf on the Shelf needs a friend?!).  These cuddly guys can hug bottles of lotions and soaps (or wine!), hand held game consoles, travel mugs, wrapped food items and yes… leggings 🙂


• Pocket Planners – All out of gift ideas this holiday shopping season?  Or have that one almost impossible person to buy for on your list?  We all know when all else fails a gift card is probably your best bet.  But that doesn’t mean you have to just put them in an envelope.  Why not pick up a package of Pocket Planners for next year and slip your gift card in the cover of that?!  Yeah, we thought that was a good idea too 🙂

pocket planners


• Gift Bags & Tissue – It’s always nice to go the extra mile for certain gifts, but sometimes you just don’t have the time.  If that’s the case make sure you have a good stock of gift bags and tissue on hand, so even that last minute gift presentation looks like Santa put that extra touch on it.


And That’s A Wrap

(oh you knew I had to!  LOL)  How about all those gift wrap ideas with items from Oriental Trading?  I hope you’ll use some of them.

Plus Oriental Trading is kind to your wallet!  I promise you it’s not too late to order.   OrientalTrading.com

5 thoughts on “Oriental Trading Your Gift Wrap Headquarters for Christmas 2016

  1. These are some really neat ideas! I have never shopped at the Oriental Trading before. I need to check them out.

  2. I love a lot of these ideas from Oriental Trading Company. I love getting things from them and they have a lot of great deals and I get items from them every year during the Holidays.

  3. I love ordering from Oriental trading for all my holiday needs! These are some great ideas that ill keep in my books for the next holiday!

  4. Oh those are all such great ideas! I love finding neat ways to wrap things! Makes it so fun for the person to open!

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