OESH Shoes – Walk on Air for the Holidays…and the New Year!

OESH SHOES feature superior comfort (it really is like walking on air), thanks to a proprietary design and technology created by Harvard M. D., Dr. Casey Kerrigan.  Based on Dr. Kerrigan’s extensive scientific research (as well as her experience as a runner), OESH is especially ideal for active women…whether you’re running or running errands, working out or just working…with a unique women’s specific fit above an elastic spring sole.


The heart of footwear is the sole. That’s especially true for OESH.

The OESH Sole is a gentle elastic spring, compressing when the foot is fully planted (at the instant the body’s measured stresses and strains are at their peak) and releasing energy in tune with your natural movement to the next step. Moreover, the OESH Sole is perfectly flat in all directions so your foot can move the way you choose to move, always promoting healthy circulation and muscle activity.  If you suffer from Morton’s Neuroma, this may be a shoe you want to try.


A wider forefoot and narrower heel than men.

Based upon an accurate woman’s foot shape – a wide, spacious forefoot area and a narrower heel – OESH promotes an ease of movement that begins in your feet, up and through the rest of your body.

Whether you’re running errands, working out, or just working, OESH are made for a woman’s foot—and body—with a unique woman specific fit above an elastic spring sole. The joy in wearing OESH is felt in every style we make – and OESH has a style for every occasion.


I was eager to try on my OESH shoes when they arrived.  I often have trouble finding shoes that fit comfortably that: a) I don’t get blisters in and b) fit my somewhat wide feet.  I noticed right away the increased roominess in the OESH shoes in the toe area.  It was actually almost weird at first to have that much space around my toes since they are usually all smooshed together in the majority of my footwear.  Here you can see where my thumb is, that is where my toe ends in this shoe.  

This is a size 6 1/2 shoe, the smallest size OESH carries.  You are to order a 1/2 size larger than you normally wear.  Since I usually wear a 5 1/2 or a 6 depending on the shoe brand, I went with the 6 1/2.  Because the shoe is wider in the forefoot and that is generally why I need a 6 over a 5 1/2, I feel that they are a ‘bit’ too big length wise (not unwearable though, I can wear a bit of a thicker sock with them to combat that).  I feel confident enough to say that for most people the 1/2 size up guide is probably spot on.

I have very few shoes that I can go out and walk for miles in, even athletic shoes and definitely not brand new shoes.  But with the OESH shoes I could and the first time I wore them!  They are wonderful.  The extra room in the forefront really makes a difference.  The sides of my toes are not rubbing against the shoes, and so I did not get any blisters.  

Unlike many of my sneakers, OESH shoes are really lightweight.  It makes them feel more like comfy slippers than shoes.  Maybe that also has to do with the materials that the shoes are made from.   I can walk in these all day and have no foot pain by the end of the day when I take them off.

In my older age I have opted for comfort over fashion when it comes to footwear, but I also really like the aesthetic design of the OESH Lea.  The fabric on this style is almost like a knit sweater or slipper.  This particular color combination is called Storm Cloud and the gray goes with most everything, and the pop accent turquoise color is so pretty.

In my opinion, the Lea shoe offers my feet many more advantages over other types of athletic shoes from the design being made especially for a woman’s foot with the wider toe area and the narrower heel to the OESH® Zero-360 Sole, which responds to my posture and movement especially when I’m on a hard surface like concrete.  

You can find the OESH Lea for $130 online as well as a few other OESH styles at www.oeshshoes.com.  If you use the Discount Code OESH20 at checkout until New Year’s Eve you can save $20.00 on all OESH footwear on their site.  That’s a great offer to take advantage of.  

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  1. These sound amazing, I could have used them on Black Friday LOL! I need to look into them as I have a lot of foot pain :/

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