New Scripted Comedy from Bravo TV “Odd Mom Out” is Laugh Out Loud Funny!

While my husband and I watch a lot of TV, we only watch a few comedies.  I don’t find many comedy tv shows funny, as I just can’t relate to them.  I had the chance to watch the first couple of episodes of Bravo TV’s new scripted comedy “Odd Mom Out“*, debuting on June 8th @ 10/9c on Bravo, and  I laughed out loud so many times that my husband came into the room to find out what was so funny!  I can totally see this becoming the “girls night in” show that some of my friends and I congregate for.
322_043e6653b1355cb07a5c65facf4725deThe show is about a quirky Upper East Side mom who finds herself at odds with the other wealthy, blue-blooded UES moms that her social circle consists of.  You can expect the same sort of wry observations that writer and star Jill Kargman is known for: sharp, unfiltered, and downright hilarious.  Enter a world where Kindergarten applications require photo shoots and the prefix “Von” to a sur name will get you an invitation just about anywhere.
I always feel like the Odd Mom Out, so I completely related to Jill’s character in this  show (minus the wealth of course 😉 ).  Her relationship with her in-laws, her best friend, and the rest of the ‘moms’ in her social circle, is so funny but also puts a magnifying glass on being your own person and not changing to be what others expect you to be.
Go ahead and watch the trailer so you can see what I’m talking about:

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*Just a note that the show does have ‘language’ in it, for those of you that are concerned with that.

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101 thoughts on “New Scripted Comedy from Bravo TV “Odd Mom Out” is Laugh Out Loud Funny!

  1. Interesting concept. Sounds like a scripted turn at the real housewives franchise, I am sure it will be good. I learned it stars Jill Kargman

  2. I think it’s funny this is about the Upper East Side and the mommy ‘elite’ there – I just read an article similar to this a couple days ago!

  3. I’ve seen ads for it, but thought it had already started to air – I now know that it hasn’t premiered yet!

  4. I knew nothing about Odd mom out before I looked at it. I learned this is Bravo’s second scripted TV series.

  5. I saw a clip titled Stroller Derby where they talk about the latest stroller trends. My silly phone wouldnt play it though so I will have to check it out again when I get home.

  6. I learned that one of the stars is Joanna Cassidy (she was in Blade Runner and Who Framed Roger Rabbit). The show looks really funny.

  7. I learned that Drew Barrymore is the main actress Jill Kargman’s sister-in-law!

  8. I’ve heard about the show before. It looks like it could be entertaining. Like the sitcom version of real housewives. I also like that Joanna Cassidy is in it!

  9. I read that it stars Andy Buckley who was also in Bridesmaids, The Office and The West Wing.

  10. I learned that the series premiere will be on June 8 10/9c. That is on Monday, and it looks funny and I will be checking it out!

  11. I learned that the show also stars Andy Buckley from the office. Looks hilarious!

  12. I love the tip that says to make the kids do the laundry. Children were meant to help bring money to the home, not suck your ban account dry.

  13. I learned that this show beginning on June 8, 2015 on Bravo has many talented stars and many creative people behind the scenes.

  14. I learned that Jill’s husband, Andy, learns that his baby brother, Lex, has just earned $600 million from a big overseas sale

  15. Being a mom is hard work, and this cast has the ability to show the light side of everyday.

  16. I learned that one of the starts was on SNL and that this is a scripted comedy on Bravo! It looks good and as a mom of four, I will tune in!

  17. When I first heard about this show I thought it was another reality show, but I learned that it is a scripted comedic send up of some of the other “reality” shows that can also be seen on Bravo.

  18. I learned that Candace, Brooke, and Lex announce to Jill and Andy that after doing some research in Austria, they find they are descendants of a Prussian duke named Von Weber and have decided to restore the “Von” to their name.

  19. Well, I learned it will come on Mondays at 10, and that it is kind of based on real stories, and I can relate to feeling the need to be the perfect mom, but failing!

  20. I learned that the show was inspired by the creator’s real life experiences in New York!

  21. I learned that one of the episodes is about getting into the right kindergarten–funny.

  22. I learned a cool tip from the video how to do laundry, that if you pay your kids they will do it. I’ve tried this and my husband didn’t like having pink socks, so I will continue to wash and let them switch loads. I gave birth to them the least they can do is save me a trip or two up and down the steps.

  23. I learned that it starts on June 8 and I can watch it on Amazon – i don’t even need a TV! I feel so excluded sometimes because we are a tv-free household, but with Netflix and Amazon on my computer… who needs to pay for cable?!

  24. I learned that they had a $20,000 sweepstakes giveaway last week. I’m gonna watch out for more of those!

  25. I learned that Odd Mom Out is the second scripted show by Bravo that is about hilarious series about wealthy momzillas in NYC.

  26. I learned that Odd Mom Out is a laugh out loud new show by Bravo. I definitely am going to have to watch the first few episodes I missed so I can catch up. I now have a new show to watch on Monday nights. I also did not realize that Andy Buckley (which stars in Odd Mom Out) also starred in Jurassic World as Scott.

  27. I love Joanna Cassidy as her mother in law she is so funny the show is great I never miss it once I watched the first episode.

  28. I learned that cast member Andy Buckley also plays a character in the Jurassic World movie. I also learned that he had small roles in both Melrose Place and The West Wing tv series.

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