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A while ago I told you about the new Hasbro Monopoly zAPPed game. We have so much fun playing that version of Monopoly in our home.

To play Hasbro’s zAPPed games you need an iPad. The games themselves sold in retail stores, have all the other items you’ll need, and then of course you need to download an app from the iTunes store (which are free).

Since we’ve been playing Monopoly zAPPed a lot, I was intrigued to try out Battleship zAPPed as well. What’s unique to this particular zAPPed game is that it doesn’t require another person to play, or the included battleships (although it’s far more fun to play with them) – which makes it a great game to occupy the 8+ age range when you’re out and about, like in waiting rooms, restaurants or for car rides!

It’s never been more fun to battle aliens on your iPad!

In the game kit you’ll receive a Battleship, Aircraft Carrier and Destroyer. Each ship has its own super weapons!

You start by embarking on epic missions around the globe…

Hunt down alien targets

Battle aliens, destroy the enemy and protect the earth!

The other new zAPPed game is Spellshot.

The 4 wizard characters that are included in the game kit to interact with your iPad are simply too cute!

This is a 2 player game for ages 8+, where opponents cast spells head-to-head on the iPad.

Each wizard casts its own battle spell; Breezicus is the Air Wizard, Noxius is the Fire Wizard, Landor is the Tree Wizard and Stormica is the Water Wizard.

The game has you battling through magical worlds including: The Island World and The Jungle World. The iPad recognizes the individual wizards when you place them on the screen and your kids can cast cool battle spells, with just their fingertips!

The game kit also comes with 4 spell cards to make the game even more interesting! Again the game requires an iPad to play, but the app is a free download from the iTunes store.

These would be great games to wrap up and put under the tree if you have an iPad in your home. Family Game Night will never be the same!

To see what’s new with zAPPed games be sure to check out

Hasbro provided samples at no cost to me. All opinions are my own.

Tammy Litke, literally writes here, there and everywhere about this, that and everything, but her passion is and always has been keeping her family happy. She does so by making family friendly recipes, traveling to family destinations, watching 3D movies and playing video games with them and homeschooling her daughter.

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