Nestlé Girl Scout Crunch Candy Bars are Back!

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America, your dreams have come true! The Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars, have returned for a limited time only.

From early June through September the Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars will be available at participating retail stores nationwide.

Introduced in 2012 to tremendous excitement and fanfare, Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars have won several industry accolades and awards in their first year, including:

·Product of the Year:Best Innovation in the Candy Category by Consumer Survey Product Innovation
·Best New Product by Better Homes & Gardens
·Best Brand Extension by AdWeek
·Winner of Licensed/Limited Edition Category by the National Confectionary Sales Association New Product Awards

“During their launch year, the Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars sold in record numbers, and we’re thrilled to give consumers more of what they want for a second year in a row,” said spokesperson Tricia Bowles, Nestlé USA, Confections & Snacks. “The awards were really an honor, validating that these new bars were not only enjoyed, but truly treasured by everyone.”

Inspired by the three most popular flavors of Girl Scout Cookies, Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars are produced under license from Girl Scouts of the USA and come in three varieties:

·Thin Mints™ – Dark chocolate cookie wafers and mint chocolate crème, topped with airy crispies and a rich, dark chocolatey coating
·Caramel & Coconut – Cookie wafers layered with coconut caramel crème and chewy caramel, topped with toasted coconut and drizzled with caramel stripes
·Peanut Butter Crème – Cookie wafers layered with smooth peanut butter crème, topped with airy crispies and a creamy, chocolatey coating

“We continually seek innovative ways to raise awareness of Girl Scouting, and this licensing relationship with Nestle Crunch does just that,” said Barry Horowitz, vice president and general manager, Girl Scout Merchandise, Girl Scouts of the USA. “The success of last year’s promotion had parents, volunteers and the general public excited for more.”

My daughter has been a Girl Scout for a number of years, but we never tried these candy bars last year when they were available – however, this year Nestlé Crunch sent us a few of them in the three flavors to try out.  Thin Mints cookies have always been Amber’s favorite Girl Scout cookie, and she right away jumped on trying the Nestlé Crunch Thin Mints Girl Scout Candy Bar.  She was thrilled that it tasted just like her adored Thin Mints cookies.

Now depending on where you live in the country you may buy Samoa Girl Scout cookies or Caramel Delight Girl Scout cookies, and the Nestlé Crunch Caramel & Coconut Girl Scout Candy Bar tastes as delicious as the cookies do no matter which name you buy them as.

My husband declared the Peanut Butter Crėme yummy.

So you can see all of the flavors are really good, and taste just like their cookie counterparts.  What I really like about them are the cookie wafers because they make the candy bar seem light and not heavy at all to eat.  The candy bars come in two fun size portions…I warn you though, you will eat both pieces in the package, you can’t stop with just one.

Remember if you want to try these, or you had them last year and you need to have them again, hurry to your local retailers to see if you can buy them because they’re only around for a limited time and if last year is any indication….they’ll sell out!

My thanks go out to Nestlé for the samples they sent my family. All opinions are my own, like this one where I tell you that these Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars are going to become a new addiction in my home….

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