Interview with Sarah Saucedo from Thrifty Décor Chick + Giveaway

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Did you all get a glimpse of the backyard of the home we just bought?  Go check it out and then come back…  okay, now you know why I’ll have the desire to spend time outside this summer once we get down there!  That huge deck comes with a BUT though, and here it is ….BUT I have to watch my wallet when it comes to decorating and entertaining out there because we ended up buying at the top of our price range.  I’m also feeling a little overwhelmed with getting an outdoor space that large ready to entertain because we’ve been living in a condo for the last 7 years, where our “outdoor space” was a small balcony off our living area.

So it was quite timely that just recently I was able to ask some questions of DIY expert Sarah Saucedo from Thrifty Décor Chick, for some of her best tips and tricks for getting a great outdoor space and I think she literally saved my sanity (and my wallet)!  Want to hear what she had to say?  Check out the video below.

Now I’m really excited to get my home ready for outdoor entertaining, because with those tips I know that I can do it affordably.

I have a giveaway offer for one of my readers too!  It includes a selection of products like Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Outdoor Pro, Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Multi-Purpose Spray, and Bounty Paper Towels (like the items you saw in the video). *Many thanks to Procter & Gamble and The Home Depot for the giveaway and the products that were sent to me as a thank you to get my outdoor entertaining space ready for summer.

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